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Description: A property to declare that a page is missing some sort of essential information. Use it in conjuction with the {{incomplete}} tag.
Type: string

There are currently 20073 items in this property, 11970 of which are incomplete, and 3337 of which are outdated.

Subproperty of: Property:is incomplete

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WANNA PLAY? bolt +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
WHOOPS! arrow +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
WHY? bolt +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
WHY? pellet +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
Waerd +Infobox entry for location  +
Walcar - You are a joke - 03/23/2013 - 17:14 +categorization  +
Waldrin +Infobox entry for race  +
Walking stick of unusual light ebony +Infobox entry on internal size  +, Infobox entry on location worn  +
Wall shield sack +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Walnut cigar case etched with stylized feathers +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Walnut staff sling with flaxen whipcords +Infobox entry on ranged roundtime  +
Walnut-sprinkled dark chocolate truffle +Infobox entry on number of uses  +
Walrus skin sling +Infobox entry on ranged roundtime  +
Wand of flawless dark carnelian damasked over with an intricate web of shining platinum +Needs magic information added  +
Wandering minstrel +Infobox entry for race  +
War hammer decorated with carved strawberry vines and flowers +Infobox entry for weight  +
War mammoth (creature) +Infobox entry on special defense capability  +, Infobox entry on part weight  +, Infobox entry on maximum unarranged skin value  +,
War stomp (2.0) +Infobox entry on difficulty  +
Warble +Infobox entry for status  +, Infobox entry for guild  +, Infobox entry for race  +,
Warbler +calculated title difficulty  +
Warcat suede fighting pants with narrow leather lashings and bronze buckles +Needs verbs added  +
Wardrobe trunk secured with heavy leather straps +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Warklin mauler +Infobox entry on manipulate 1 skill  +, Infobox entry on manipulate 2 skill  +, Infobox entry on special defense capability  +,
Warm red velvet cloak lined with soft snowbeast fur +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +
Warped bone-hilted axe +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
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