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Description: A property to declare that a page is missing some sort of essential information. Use it in conjuction with the {{incomplete}} tag.
Type: string

There are currently 20218 items in this property, 11890 of which are incomplete, and 3375 of which are outdated.

Subproperty of: Property:is incomplete

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BYE! pellet +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
Baby doll swaddled in a yellow blanket +Infobox entry on source  +
Baby fawn statue curled up into a little ball +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Baby forest gryphon +Infobox entry on maximum arranged skin value  +, Infobox entry on special defense capability  +, Infobox entry on manipulate 1 skill  +,
Baby shark doll +Infobox entry on source  +
Back tonic (crafted) +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +
Back ungent (crafted) +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +
Background - 10/04/2013 - 12:39 +categorization  +
Backtrace +Infobox entry on source description  +, Infobox entry on messaging  +
Backwoods bee tobacco +Needs smell when smoked  +
Badly dented iron parry stick +Infobox entry for weapon type  +
Baenthu +Infobox entry for race  +, Infobox entry for gender  +
Baergar +Infobox entry for guild  +
Bag (1) +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Baggy orange and yellow striped smock with the word "TUSSAG" stitched in black across the chest +Infobox entry on source  +
Baggy pair of chartreuse treasureweave trousers with a sagging rise +missing verbs  +
Baggy spidersilk trousers dyed a faint mist-grey hue +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Baggy umber trews with carved wooden buttons +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Baking earth cologne +Capitalization of name needs investigation  +, Infobox entry on LOOK description  +, Infobox entry on source  +
Balam +Infobox entry for guild  +
Balanced +calculated title difficulty  +
Balanced competition longbow +Infobox entry on ranged roundtime  +
Balanced light crossbow with an intricately carved knotwork pattern +Infobox entry on ranged roundtime  +, Infobox entry for weight  +
Balanced light crossbow with an intricately carved stock +Infobox entry on ranged roundtime  +
Balanced metal dart +Infobox entry for slice damage  +, Infobox entry on force of impact  +, Infobox entry for weight  +
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