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Description: A property to declare that a page is missing some sort of essential information. Use it in conjuction with the {{incomplete}} tag.
Type: string

There are currently 20057 items in this property, 11960 of which are incomplete, and 3345 of which are outdated.

Subproperty of: Property:is incomplete

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A chitinous blade spider leg +Infobox entry for weapon type  +
A note about Merchant visits at Hollow Eve - 11/11/2014 - 09:39 +categorization  +
A note about Merchant visits at Hollow Eve - 11/11/2014 - 15:49 +categorization  +
A poofy metallic blue tutu with strips of white lipka cotton ribbons +Infobox entry on internal size  +
A question for the experts - 09/14/2009 - 07:32 +categorization  +
Abdominal tonic (crafted) +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +
Abdominal ungent (crafted) +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +
Abominable umbral race +Infobox entry on minimum skill required  +, Infobox entry on maximum skill taught to  +, Infobox entry on whether skinnable or not  +,
Absinthe and corbeau jacquard waistcoat fitted with gleaming emerald buttons +Infobox is missing specific shirt location  +
Absinthe cream tart embellished with some sprigs of fresh mint +missing taste  +, Infobox entry on number of uses  +
Absinthe green crystal box clasped with a lurid purple triple-tined claw +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Absinthe-hued leathers outlined at the seams with strips of gold moradu bone +Infobox entry on weight  +
Abstract vine-motif mask +Infobox entry on armor type  +
Abyssal black thigh bag +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Academian +need confirmation on minimum intelligence required  +
Academic +title requirement  +
Acanth staff sling with silk whipcords +Infobox entry on ranged roundtime  +
Accord Keeper +title requirement  +
Acenite scroll case with blue gold end caps +Infobox entry on internal size  +
Acid-etched broadsword with a smooth bone hilt +Infobox entry on LOOK description  +, Infobox entry for weapon type  +, Infobox entry for puncture damage  +,
Acid-etched cutlass +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
Acid-etched half plate +Infobox entry on metal content  +, Infobox entry on weight  +
Acid-etched sabre with a black opal-inlaid pommel +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
Acid-etched steel horseshoe stamped with the crest of the Paladins' Guild +Infobox entry on force of impact  +
Acolyte's skullcap embroidered with the crest of the Clerics' Guild +Infobox entry on internal size  +
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