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Description: A property to declare the numerical value of a shield's minimum protection, for comparison purposes.
Type: Number

There are currently 1045 items in this property, 692 of which are incomplete, and 426 of which are outdated.

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Filigreed silver kite shield embossed with an inscribed medallion at its center +7  +
Fine double broad shield +8  +
Fine wall shield +10  +
Firestained glaes buckler with a seven-pointed star boss +3  +
Flame-shaped silver shield inlaid with gems to form an image of the Rissan Warrior Mage Guild +3  +
Forest green oval shield decorated with a snarling brown wolverine +4  +
Forged steel tower shield intricately etched with an image of the Rissan Paladin Guild +4  +


Gem encrusted kite shield depicting the plight of a river frog +6  +
Gem-encrusted medium shield depicting the plight of a river frog +6  +
Giant black scarab carapace streaked with fading bands of emerald green +5  +
Giant mussel shell +6  +
Gilded harp-shaped buckler inlaid with sparking lightning amethysts +4  +
Gilded pageant shield artistically engraved with the image of a winged peccary +3  +
Gilded target shield +2  +
Gladiator's uthamar heater shield embossed with a stylized cambrinth sun +8  +
Gleaming agonite ceremonial shield engraved with a labyrinthine design +5  +
Gleaming brass targe painted with an illuminated lighthouse +5  +
Gleaming kite shield trimmed in gold +4  +
Gleaming metal war shield polished to a reflective shine +7  +
Gleaming silver kite shield limned with the image of a seaborne galleon +4  +
Gleaming silver shield etched with a rearing war horse +3  +
Gleaming silver tower shield emblazoned with a crest +8  +
Gleaming silver tower shield embossed with a set of golden scales +7  +
Gleaming silvery tower shield etched with gold +4  +
Gleaming steel Grey Raven guard's shield (1) +7  +
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