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Description: A property for listing the maximum protection a shield provides.
Type: String
Allows Value: god-like, unbelievable, tremendous, incredible, amazing, very impressive, impressive, very exceptional, exceptional, very great, great, very high, high, very good, good, moderately good, moderate, better than fair, fair, low, rather low, poor, very poor, dismal, terrible, extremely terrible, none

There are currently 1033 items in this property, 677 of which are incomplete, and 428 of which are outdated.

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Steel tower shield adorned with an enamel peacock in full display +great  +
Steel tower shield engraved with an array of planets +exceptional  +
Steel tower shield painted with a hubbard squash +high  +
Steel tower shield painted with a pumpkin +great  +
Steel tower shield painted with a smiling Dwarf +high  +
Steel tower shield painted with kumquats +high  +
Steel warrior's shield embossed with the image of a galloping black stallion +high  +
Steel-banded iron tower shield with an empty setting in its center +very high  +
Steel-banded ironwood buckler painted with a vivid red dragon +good  +
Steel-banded ironwood oval shield +moderately good  +
Steel-banded targe emblazoned with a ferociously scowling turnip +good  +
Steel-banded target shield with an empty gem setting in the center +moderate  +
Steel-plated road warrior's battle shield crafted to resemble dragon's scales +very high  +
Steel-plated shield etched with a knight on horseback +good  +
Steel-rimmed oval shield skillfully carved from aged cypress +moderate  +
Stout buckler +moderate  +
Striking plumwood tower shield wrought with slender animite filigree +very great  +
Strong leather shield +moderate  +
Studded kite shield covered in finely tanned celpeze hide +good  +
Studded metal targe polished to a fine gleam +moderate  +
Studded sand-scarred shield +moderate  +
Studded steel shield with a central boss shaped like a snarling lion +moderately good  +
Sturdy steel-banded buckler etched with a star-shaped cluster of plovik leaves +moderately good  +
Sturdy steel-banded buckler etched with hulnik grass curling around the edges +moderately good  +
Sturdy white leather buckler with a penguin painted on it +better than fair  +
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