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Description: A property for listing the maximum protection a shield provides.
Type: String
Allows Value: god-like, unbelievable, tremendous, incredible, amazing, very impressive, impressive, very exceptional, exceptional, very great, great, very high, high, very good, good, moderately good, moderate, better than fair, fair, low, rather low, poor, very poor, dismal, terrible, extremely terrible, none

There are currently 1110 items in this property, 673 of which are incomplete, and 423 of which are outdated.

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Sable iron shield with a brass boss +very great  +
Salt-stained shield +better than fair  +
Salt-tinged tower shield scarred deeply with a seven-pointed star +great  +
Sand-brushed silver shield inlaid with a jeweled desert rose +high  +
Scabrous morgawr-scale targe studded with crocodile teeth +good  +
Scarlet glaes buckler inlaid with a tomiek spider in a web of aldamdin +high  +
Scarred leather buckler shaped like a massive claw +good  +
Scarred steel kite shield +very high  +
Shadowleaf small shield painted with a darkly sanguine king protea +high  +
Shadowy shield +moderate  +
Shield painted with the image of a rearing black unicorn +good  +
Shield tooled with the visage of a fiercely mewling pink kitten +high  +
Shield with the image of a juicy ham over two pieces of crispy bacon +very good  +
Shield:Acid-etched tyrium target shield +moderate  +
Shield:Arsenic-blackened tower shield edged with tarnished silver rivets +high  +
Shield:Ash-blackened sipar +low  +
Shield:Azure pageant shield emblazoned with a gold dragon +high  +
Shield:Azure target shield embellished with silver anchors +moderate  +
Shield:Badly misshapen bone shield +great  +
Shield:Badly scuffed target shield +moderate  +
Shield:Barmaid's sturdy wicker tray +moderate  +
Shield:Barnacle-encrusted bronze kite shield +high  +
Shield:Battered oval shield +moderate  +
Shield:Battered wooden shield sloppily painted with faded insignia +fair  +
Shield:Battle-worn black steel tower shield +very great  +
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