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Description: A property for listing the maximum protection a shield provides.
Type: String
Allows Value: god-like, unbelievable, tremendous, incredible, amazing, very impressive, impressive, very exceptional, exceptional, very great, great, very high, high, very good, good, moderately good, moderate, better than fair, fair, low, rather low, poor, very poor, dismal, terrible, extremely terrible, none

There are currently 1110 items in this property, 673 of which are incomplete, and 423 of which are outdated.

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Painted buckler with a bull's head on the front +good  +
Painted large shield patterned like cowhide +very high  +
Painted oval shield bearing the image of an octopus +high  +
Painted shield with a large spotted cow on the front +very high  +
Pale blue oval shield embossed with a polished steel dolphin +moderately good  +
Pale hide shield +moderately good  +
Pale silver buckler branded with the outline of a sea-tossed caravel +better than fair  +
Pale yellow buckler painted in a simple style with a white chicken +better than fair  +
Patterned wickerwork shield +moderate  +
Pavise +moderate  +
Pitted iron target shield +moderate  +
Plain buckler +fair  +
Plain ironwood kite shield branded with the image of a fierce shark +good  +
Plain shield +good  +
Plain targe +fair  +
Platinum-edged triangular sipar with an engraving of an owl +moderate  +
Polished agonite ceremonial shield embellished with eventide moonstone chips +good  +
Polished battle shield engraved with shesegri etchings +exceptional  +
Polished black ceremonial shield embossed with a seven-pointed star +good  +
Polished black coral shield edged in platinum filigree +good  +
Polished black coral shield edged in silver filigree +good  +
Polished black round shield embossed with a pair of gold dragons +high  +
Polished black round shield embossed with a pair of gold dragons +high  +
Polished brass kite shield embossed with the image of crossed sabers +very high  +
Polished copperwood shield branded with dragonflies +low  +
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