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Description: This property is used to declare the interior height of a container as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 9891 items in this property, 707 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Pack crafted to resemble a large iridescent beetle +5  +
Padded black belt pack embroidered with a horned skull +1  +
Padded grey belt pack embroidered with a carrot +1  +
Padded lava samite doublet trimmed with gold braid +3  +
Padded leather libation caddy hung from a woven grass strap +3  +
Padded red belt pack embroidered with a mule +1  +
Padded treasureweave cylinder with no visible seams +8  +
Paint-splattered artist's smock +1  +
Paint-splattered supplies box +3  +
Painted box decorated with a camouflage pattern +3  +
Painted canvas bag with a large cow on it +3  +
Painted copper case secured with a simple gold clasp +1  +
Painted leather bag with a large bull on it +3  +
Painted lockpick case +3  +
Painted wood case that dangles from a short leather cord +2  +
Painted wooden toy chest +3  +
Painter's apron with large pockets +3  +
Pair of Dwarven boots +1  +
Pair of ankle-high black horsehide moccasins with belled laces +1  +
Pair of ankle-high black pard skin moccasins with cross-gartered laces +1  +
Pair of ankle-high deerskin moccasins with porcupine quill embroidery +1  +
Pair of ankle-high suede moccasins with sheepskin lining +1  +
Pair of aqua suede ankle boots +1  +
Pair of austere brown dress pants with piped seams +1  +
Pair of battered leather boots with cotton laces +1  +
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