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Description: This property is used to declare the interior height of a container as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 9891 items in this property, 707 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Oak and walnut carrying case +1  +
Oak cigar case carved with running gidii +1  +
Oak herbal case inlaid with the Empaths' Guild crest +3  +
Oak herbalist's case burned with the image of a compass +2  +
Oak-edged wayerd pyramid +6  +
Oaken bolt box acid-incised with images of hunting nobility and fierce animals in a wooded glen +2  +
Oaken pipe carved into the shape of an otter holding an oyster +1  +
Oaken tankard with a lid carved to resemble a foamy head of ale +1  +
Obisidian ritual goblet +3  +
Oblong Ilithic applewood basket lined with inky purple silk +3  +
Oblong black and white striped teacup tilted at a saucy angle +1  +
Oblong smokewood humidor featuring a series of smoke image engravings +3  +
Ocean blue duffel bag embroidered with a depiction of the elemental plane of Water +5  +
Ocean-hued armor bag covered in beaded ocean scenes +5  +
Oceanic blue jar painted with the image of a galleon +1  +
Oceanic blue pouch suspended from an amulet-strewn chain +3  +
Oceanic blue scroll folio stamped with a naga amongst storm clouds +3  +
Oceanic blue teacup with a great white shark emerging from its shallow depths +1  +
Octagonal box enameled with an orchard orbweaver +2  +
Octagonal brass box stamped with star-shaped airholes +1  +
Octagonal cast-iron grill pan with deep diagonal ridges +1  +
Octagonal ointment jar inset with a floral cameo on the lid +2  +
Octagonal red lacquered box with a gold filigree lid +1  +
Odd harlequin-patterned carpetbag of ebon shadesatin and white eolienne diamonds +5  +
Off white Elven wool gown with a jewel neckline +2  +
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