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Description: This property is used to declare the interior height of a container as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 9891 items in this property, 707 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Napped snowbeast fur mittens +1  +
Narrow black leather belt studded with mistglass +1  +
Narrow black velvet belt dusted with silver +2  +
Narrow brown leather garter with rawhide laces +3  +
Narrow diamond-hide harness embossed with sea dragons +1  +
Narrow green leather thigh quiver stitched with a scale-like pattern +2  +
Narrow oak woodwind tube carved to resemble a tree +1  +
Narrow recipe box with hinges +1  +
Narrow silveress harness stitched with cresting waves +1  +
Narrow-cut shirt of steely blue Velakan linen +1  +
Natty ecru vest worn over a linen shirt with rolled three-quarter length sleeves +1  +
Natural brown cowhide harness with tiny sparrows embroidered across it in raised silver thread +3  +
Natural cypress cigarillo case +2  +
Naturally plated wyvern hide with rich dragon's scale sapphire eyes +3  +
Navigator's logbook bound in sun-bleached canvas +1  +
Navy blue backpack embroidered with a wand +5  +
Navy blue canvas tote embroidered with red lobsters +5  +
Navy blue captain's hat with braided gold trim +1  +
Navy blue duffel bag embroidered with a lightning bolt +5  +
Navy blue first mate's hat +1  +
Navy blue wool cloak with bone buttons +3  +
Navy-blue damask mariner's cloak with a scrimshaw clasp +3  +
Nearly destroyed book of "A History of Therengia" tethered by a tarnished steel chain +3  +
Neat desumos-pelt shoulder sack with gut drawstrings +6  +
Neat desumos-pelt thigh bag with gut drawstrings +3  +
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