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Description: This property is used to declare the interior height of a container as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 9891 items in this property, 707 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Jaalmin backpack with a covellite spider clasp +5  +
Jaalmin reticule embroidered with dragonflies +1  +
Jacinthe dragonfire brocade makeup reticule suspended on silversteel chains +2  +
Jackal pelt pack +8  +
Jackal-pelt moccasins threaded with cream-colored leather laces +1  +
Jacket (3) +3  +
Jacquard vest woven with a pastoral scene around +1  +
Jade and ivory pillbox carved to resemble a lotus blossom resting on its leaf +1  +
Jade brilliantine backsheath heavily embroidered with heaven's bell blossoms +1  +
Jade brilliantine baldric heavily embroidered with heaven's bell blossoms +1  +
Jade green brocade cloak with a golden knotwork clasp +3  +
Jade incense case carved into a slumbering dragon +3  +
Jade origami case +1  +
Jade steelsilk receptacle +3  +
Jaguar-pelt hip pouch +3  +
Jaundice-yellow shirt embroidered with "I'm a Necromancer" +1  +
Jaunty lavender top hat sporting a long glittering plume +1  +
Jaunty oceanmist satin handbag accented by waves of tiny metallic studs +3  +
Jester's diacan drinking goblet inlaid with a mocking moonsilver visage +1  +
Jester's tunic sewn with earthen brown and golden yellow satin diamonds +1  +
Jester's tunic sewn with midnight blue and silver satin diamonds +1  +
Jester's tunic sewn with rich violet and jade green satin diamonds +1  +
Jet black leather thigh quiver +2  +
Jet black satin jacket embroidered with the crest of the Moon Mage Guild +3  +
Jet-black nightsilk haversack clasped with a series of polished white fangs +5  +
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