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Description: This property is used to declare the interior height of a container as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 10687 items in this property, 746 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Faceted Wayerd egg set with silver filigree on clear glass panes +6  +
Faceted snow quartz mortar inset with a row of small black opals along the rim +2  +
Faded black hooded cloak with a tarnished panther clasp +3  +
Faded black leather lootsack clasped with a tarnished rose charm +5  +
Faded black leather pouch decorated with a tiny crouching panther +3  +
Faded black writer's box with steel hinges +3  +
Faded blue canvas smock splattered with paint flecks +3  +
Faded blue corduroy pants with black-trimmed pockets +1  +
Faded blue oilskin greatcoat with brighter patches around the collar +3  +
Faded blue overalls splotched with rainbow-hued glitter +1  +
Faded blue wool dress +3  +
Faded brocade vest with tarnished hag's head buttons +1  +
Faded brown linen cloak stitched with a small knife on one shoulder +3  +
Faded canvas bag marked with "CC" +3  +
Faded canvas pack with a circular cambrinth emblem +6  +
Faded felt backpack dangling a trio of carved black marble road emblems +5  +
Faded gossamer backpack decorated with bronze buttons +5  +
Faded grey painter's kit affixed with heavy straps +3  +
Faded grey sailcloth packet with two leather straps +2  +
Faded leather repair case clasped with a tarnished silver dragon +3  +
Faded linen pants belted with a length of braided vines +1  +
Faded muslin backpack clasped with an agonite gargoyle medallion +5  +
Faded peasant dress with a dingy white apron +2  +
Faded pink cotton blouse with frayed hems +1  +
Faded red farmer's shirt +1  +
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