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Description: This property is used to declare the interior height of a container as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 10687 items in this property, 746 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Dagger arm sheath +1  +
Dagger sheath +1  +
Dagger thigh sheath +1  +
Dainty apricot-hued silk garter edged with scallops of Elothean lace +3  +
Dainty black velvet garter +3  +
Dainty cape trimmed in white rabbit fur +3  +
Dainty e'erdream grooming kit adorned with a trio of plumed agates +3  +
Dainty ebonwood talisman case +4  +
Dainty gold-buttoned boots +1  +
Dainty heartstring lace purse adorned with moon pearl fringe +2  +
Dainty herb pouch fashioned from pristine white doeskin +2  +
Dainty pearl-white tea cup painted with healing herbs +3  +
Dainty purse of gossamer atop blackened silk +2  +
Dainty purse of gossamer atop pallid silk +2  +
Dainty silverwillow cosmetic basket adorned with colorful ribbons +3  +
Dainty silvery lace garter threaded with vivid blue ribbons +3  +
Daisy-yellow overalls embroidered with rollicking goats +2  +
Damaged book of "Religions of Elanthia" tethered by a tarnished steel chain +3  +
Damascened steel greatsword scabbard with a sinuous chiseled-gold dragon wrapped down its length +2  +
Damask-wrapped claymore sheath embossed with a lizard familiar +1  +
Damaska boar-hide chest harness +2  +
Dangling spidersilk reticule with swirling beadwork +2  +
Dapper armure top hat banded with bejeweled shadesatin +1  +
Dapper black songsilk top hat trimmed with a curling golden gryphon plume +1  +
Dapper navy blue vest with an orange handkerchief tucked in the breast pocket +3  +
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