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Description: A property to declare that an item is a certain number of spans high, as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 33451 items in this property, 1977 of which are incomplete, and 1003 of which are outdated.

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Narrow gold collar inlaid with channel-set black diamonds +1  +
Narrow gold engagement band inlaid with green jade leaves +1  +
Narrow gold wedding band etched with shooting stars +1  +
Narrow green leather thigh quiver stitched with a scale-like pattern +2  +
Narrow green quarto entitled "Pieces and Parts" with copper riveting +1  +
Narrow hematite teardrops +1  +
Narrow hoop +1  +
Narrow ice axe with a forged steel head +1  +
Narrow jade signet ring with a carved Estate Holder's crest +1  +
Narrow leather hairwrap burned with the image of a sleeping dragon +1  +
Narrow mahogany ring with diamond-shaped niello inlay +1  +
Narrow oak woodwind tube carved to resemble a tree +1  +
Narrow platinum armband inlaid with cambrinth shrikes +1  +
Narrow platinum ring with an inlaid glaes Estate Holder's crest +1  +
Narrow platinum wedding band with an infinity knot motif +1  +
Narrow razor-edged chirurgeon's knife +1  +
Narrow salt-stained cambrinth band etched with veins of silver +1  +
Narrow shelf +1  +
Narrow silk scarf dyed bright cerise with a pattern of snowy anemones +1  +
Narrow slate ulu with a curved morjalbreth tooth grip +1  +
Narrow throwing dagger with a chipped crystal pommel +1  +
Narrow tin ring +1  +
Narrow tray of glossy mooncakes pressed with the image of an open lotus blossom +1  +
Narrow wood barrette set with a tiny woven felt nest +1  +
Narrow wood shaper wrapped with nightsilk cords +1  +
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