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Description: A property to declare that an item is a certain number of spans high, as determined by the MEASURE command.
Type: number

There are currently 33418 items in this property, 1979 of which are incomplete, and 726 of which are outdated.

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Lacquered bamboo storage case sporting scars and nicks +3  +
Lacquered black oboe with delicate silver fittings +1  +
Lacquered bogbirch nightstick streaked with wispy swirls +1  +
Lacquered cudgel polished to a sheen +1  +
Lacquered deobar walking cane topped by a carved kobold head +1  +
Lacquered dogwood parry stick with streaks of glitter +1  +
Lacquered dragonwood marksman's arbalest with a tightly braided steelsilk string +2  +
Lacquered dragonwood slingshot with a damite wrist brace +1  +
Lacquered elbow spikes +2  +
Lacquered goldwood walking cane topped with a polished glass orb +1  +
Lacquered green compendium painted with tessellating pattern of sana'ati leaves +1  +
Lacquered ironwood parry stick with dark steelsilk straps +1  +
Lacquered jambu boomerang engraved with a pattern of overlapping leaves +1  +
Lacquered knee spikes +2  +
Lacquered painting kit patterned with polychromatic stripes +2  +
Lacquered plumwood compendium +1  +
Lacquered red oboe with delicate brass fittings +1  +
Lacquered scarlet instrument case painted with golden wrens +1  +
Lacquered teak telescope with swirling moabi inlay +1  +
Lacquered white ironwood nightstick wrought in the form of a vertebral column +1  +
Lacquered wooden scabbard +1  +
Lacquered writer's box tinted night-black +2  +
Lacy spider web woven into an intricate choker +1  +
Lacy white hemlock blossom +1  +
Lady's Kiss tobacco +1  +
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