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Description: A property for declaring the properties of an item.
Type: string
Allows Value: alchemy, anatomy, anatomy chart, anti-locate, area marker, atmo, autolooter, backlash absorber, cambrinth, casts spell, celestial jewelry, chakrel, challenger's beverage, chipper weapon, clothing, container, creation, drifter, drink, enchanted, enchanting, energy weapon, engineering, foraged, food, gaethzen, gives light, glamour, gore weapon, haste item, heroic tattoo, hiding, hood, horse, housing, instrument, feature, forging, jewelry, lock, magic, magical tattoo, material, mirror weapon, misc, outfitting, parallel casting focus, pet, pilgrim's badge, pockets, regenerator (concentration), regenerator (confidence), regenerator (devotion), regenerator (elemental charge), regenerator (inner fire), regenerator (fatigue), regenerator (mana), regenerator (mojo), regenerator (soul pool), regenerator (spirit), regenerator (vitality), regenerator (wilderness), regenerator (voice pool), repair (armor), repair (tool), repair (weapon), ritual focus, sanowret crystal, smoking, spacious, stacking, summoner identifier, sorcery focus, tack, targeted magic focus, tie item, toy, trainer, universal translator, verby, weapon frog, writing, Dwarf style, Elf style, Elothean style, Fae style, Gnome style, Gor'Tog style, Halfling style, Human style, Kaldar style, Merelew style, Prydaen style, Rakash style, S'kra Mur style, Barbarian style, Bard style, Cleric style, Commoner style, Empath style, Moon Mage style, Necromancer style, Paladin style, Ranger style, Thief style, Trader style, Warrior Mage style

There are currently 59895 items in this property, 9467 of which are incomplete, and 687 of which are outdated.

Value Definitions

  • alchemy - A catalyst or a tool used in the process of alchemy or is slated for inclusion into the alchemy system. Ex: Mortars and pestles.
  • atmo - Any item that messages on it's on periodically.
  • cambrinth - Any item having functional cambrinth.
  • casts spell - Any item that casts a spell either directly or allows the user to cast a spell. Please also tag with Property:Item casts spell. Ex: Runestones, wands.
  • celestial jewelry - Any item non-PC created that naturally has celestial jewelry properties. Ex: Certain items from the Museum of Imperial History.
  • chakrel - Has enough chakrel in it to allow a Barbarian to speed meditations.
  • clothing - Any clothing-sytle item.
  • container - Any item that can hold another. Ex: Backpack, pocketed shirt.
  • creation - Any item that is used to create other items that does not fall into the updated crafting systems.
  • drink - Any item drunk for RP reasons. Magical and healing potions excluded. Ex: Ale.
  • enchanting - A tool used in the process of enchanting or is slated for inclusion into the enchanting system.
  • engineering - A tool used in the process of engineering or is slated for inclusion into the engineering system.
  • feature - Any item that alters the look of a person when worn or activated.
  • foraged - Any item able to be foraged using the FORAGE command.
  • food - Any item eaten for RP reasons. Herbs are specifically excluded. Ex: Sandwich.
  • forging - A tool used in the process of forging or is slated for inclusion into the forging system.
  • gaethzen - Any item possessing functional gaethzen.
  • gives light - Any item that can be induced to provide light, magical or otherwise. Ex: Torches, gaethzen.
  • haste item - Any item that provides a reduction to roundtimes
  • hiding - Any item that hides either character features or worn items. Ex: Hooded cloaks, shaman's robe.
  • horse - Any item for use on a horse. Ex: Bridge, horse armor. (formerly TACK as of 2019)
  • housing - Any item designed for use in a house, whether it's a pet, furniture, walls, etc. Also includes items designed to be placed on furniture or hung on walls.
  • instrument - Any instrument or tool used to play one.
  • jewelry - Any jewelry style item, regardless of other purposes.
  • lock - Can be locked by a key.
  • magic - Any item that has magical properties.
  • material - Items that are primarily used as alteration fodder or similar uses.
  • misc - Any item that doesn't fall into the other categories.
  • outfitting - A tool used in the process of outfitting or is slated for inclusion into the outfitting system.
  • parallel casting focus - This item allows preparation of a second spell which is not debil/TM/ritual alongside a normal spell preparation.
  • smoking - For items related to tobacco or other smoking.
  • stacking - This item reduces the inventory count and/or weight of its contents.
  • tack - Any item for use on a horse. Ex: Bridge, horse armor. (phasing to HORSE as of 2019)
  • toy - A general catch all for toyish items.
  • trainer - This item trains a skill when it is used. This excludes weapons and armor.
  • verby - For items that have verbs either different from or in addition to the typical item.
  • writing - Any item that enables writing, (Ex: Stylus) or can be written on.
  • dwarf style - Any item designed for or possessing the stylings of, or having special functions for a specific race or set of races. Ex: Dwarven tunneler's axe, Elven trailbread. Please do not include items that are simply sold at shops themed for a race.
  • elf style
  • elothean style
  • gnome style
  • gortog style
  • halfling style
  • human style
  • kaldar style
  • prydaen style
  • rakash style
  • skra mur style
  • barbarian style - Any item designed for, possessing the crest of, or having special functions for a specific guild or set of guilds. Ex: chakrel. Please do not include items that are simply sold at shops themed for a guild.
  • bard style
  • cleric style
  • commoner style
  • empath style
  • moon mage style
  • necromancer style
  • paladin style
  • ranger style
  • thief style
  • trader style
  • warrior mage style

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Absinthe spoon shaped like an arrow +verby  +
Absinthe-hued dream pillow stitched with spiraled licorice candies +verby  +
Abundantly frilly organdy and tulle bloomers with playful polka-dot sheep +container  +, verby  +
Abyssal black diacan ring grasping a tidal bloodstone +magic  +, verby  +
Abyssal black ink bottle +writing  +
Abyssal black paintstick +Barbarian style  +
Abyssal black thigh bag +container  +, spacious  +
Abyssal madun gown entwined with dark tendrils +verby  +
Abyssal-black codex +stacking  +
Abyssal-black wand affixed with a bloodstone-pierced wraithheart flame +magic  +, forging  +
Acenite +Elf style  +
Acenite and cambrinth armband in the shape of an icy blue-scaled leviathan +magic  +, cambrinth  +
Acenite scroll case with blue gold end caps +container  +
Acenite sea unicorn with a glittering tail of coralite +ritual focus  +
Acenite-framed milk glass case +container  +, lock  +
Achaedi crystal +magic  +, trainer  +, verby  +
Acid-etched jeweled longsword +S'kra Mur style  +
Acid-etched kertig raven +feature  +
Acid-etched steel horseshoe stamped with the crest of the Paladins' Guild +Paladin style  +
Acid-etched tei'oloh'ata +S'kra Mur style  +
Acid-stained toolbox +container  +
Acolyte's cassock +container  +, hiding  +
Acolyte's skullcap embroidered with the crest of the Clerics' Guild +container  +, Cleric style  +
Acorn +food  +, foraged  +
Acorn bread +food  +
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