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Description: This property is to declare that a shop is/was at a festival. This is a subproperty of rare source.
Type: boolean

There are currently 2388 items in this property, 33 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Ragge's Locksmithing +false  +
Rakshalla's Carpets +false  +
Ramshackle Produce Stand +true  +
Randal's Leather Repair +false  +
Rangu's Repair Shop +false  +
Rasiya's Appraisal +false  +
Rat Race +true  +
Rataraduum's Fine Jewelry +false  +
Ratchet Shack +true  +
Ratha Bait and Tackle +false  +
Ratha Fish Buyer +false  +
Ratha Stables +false  +
Ratical Retreats +true  +
Raven's Court VIP Suite +false  +
Raven's Court, Dining Room +false  +
Raven's Mask and Leatherworks +false  +
Raven's Point General Store +false  +
Ravetherin's Fabulous Fruits +true  +
Reach Forge +false  +
Ready to Were +true  +
Reena's Rainbow +false  +
Refined Lady (1) +true  +
Refined Lady (2) +true  +
Refreshment Stand +false  +
Reinventing the Wheel (1) +true  +
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