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Description: A property to declare the text value of a weapon's Force of Impact.
Type: string
Allows Value: not, terribly, dismally, poorly, inadequately, fairly, decently, reasonably, soundly, well, very well, extremely well, excellently, superbly, incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably, perfectly

There are currently 4698 items in this property, 830 of which are incomplete, and 164 of which are outdated.

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Varda svidaw cirvi +poorly  +
Vardite-edged meat cleaver +poorly  +
Vardite-studded cosh carved from burled flamewood +decently  +
Varnished vedda wood voulge vivified with variegated violets +decently  +
Velvet-handled greatsword etched with flames (2) +decently  +
Vermillion-tinted steel sabre with a yellow jasper cabochon in the pommel +dismally  +
Vicious haledroth greatsword +decently  +
Vicious rapier +terribly  +
Viciously serrated charovra +terribly  +
Viciously serrated huntsman's knife with a wrapped grip +poorly  +
Viciously serrated meat saw +dismally  +
Viciously spiked morning star with a twisted ebonwood haft +decently  +
Vilks kodur (2) +very well  +
Vilks kodur hafted with flame-hardened wood +excellently  +
Vine-engraved fletcher's knife with an ivory-inlaid handle +terribly  +
Vintner's corkscrew +terribly  +
Viper-handled bola +decently  +
Virid lirisan crossbow +reasonably  +
Vivid blue coral katavdar set with tiny shells +dismally  +
Vivid pink throwing dagger with a rose-shaped pommel +terribly  +
Void-black diacan rod spiraled with vengeance rubies +soundly  +
Void-black partisan swathed in tattered mistsilk +reasonably  +
Void-black talon blade +dismally  +
Void-black throwing mallet carved with purple symbols +well  +
Voluminous hard-bound ledger entitled "Blacklisted!" +decently  +
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