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Description: A property to declare the text value of a weapon's Force of Impact.
Type: string
Allows Value: not, terribly, dismally, poorly, inadequately, fairly, decently, reasonably, soundly, well, very well, extremely well, excellently, superbly, incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably, perfectly

There are currently 4828 items in this property, 837 of which are incomplete, and 169 of which are outdated.

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Rams-horn hilted mambeli +dismally  +
Rapier (1) +terribly  +
Rapier (2) +terribly  +
Rapier (3) +terribly  +
Rat catcher's gnawed net handle with tattered netting +poorly  +
Rat snake-handled bola +dismally  +
Ratkin scalp sling with a gold-threaded hand loop +reasonably  +
Razaksel nightstick engraved with a series of stylized S'Kra Mur +decently  +
Razaksel telek etched with a pattern of negeri blossoms down the slender blade +terribly  +
Razor-edged anlora-avtoma longsword with a massive cloud ruby set in the pommel +poorly  +
Razor-edged claw +dismally  +
Razor-edged cutlass +poorly  +
Razor-edged dueling iltesh +dismally  +
Razor-edged dueling iltesh set with a spiral-cut wraithheart +dismally  +
Razor-edged kiralan khopesh adorned with an ocean's deep emerald +fairly  +
Razor-edged scimitar +dismally  +
Razor-edged steel cutlass with a grip wrapped in pebbled shagreen +inadequately  +
Razor-edged steel starfish +terribly  +
Razor-legged spider +dismally  +
Razor-sharp baselard with a twisted pearl and animite grip +dismally  +
Razor-sharp baselard with twisted pearl and animite grip +dismally  +
Razor-sharp charioteer's long knife with an elk-horn handle +terribly  +
Razor-sharp huntsman's axe with the crest of the Bards' Guild engraved upon the haft +inadequately  +
Razor-sharp icesteel hunting sword with a kadepa guard +poorly  +
Razor-sharp lochaber axe with a twisted dragonwood haft +poorly  +
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