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Description: A property to declare the text value of a weapon's Force of Impact.
Type: string
Allows Value: not, terribly, dismally, poorly, inadequately, fairly, decently, reasonably, soundly, well, very well, extremely well, excellently, superbly, incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably, perfectly

There are currently 4828 items in this property, 837 of which are incomplete, and 169 of which are outdated.

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Lacquered bogbirch nightstick streaked with wispy swirls +reasonably  +
Lacquered cudgel polished to a sheen +decently  +
Lacquered dragonwood marksman's arbalest with a tightly braided steelsilk string +incredibly  +
Lacquered dragonwood slingshot with a damite wrist brace +reasonably  +
Lacquered ironwood cudgel that has been polished to a dull gleam +decently  +
Lacquered jambu boomerang engraved with a pattern of overlapping leaves +poorly  +
Lacquered white ironwood nightstick wrought in the form of a vertebral column +reasonably  +
Laminated horn composite bow +incredibly  +
Laminated oak and horn crossbow with a blued steel cranequin +reasonably  +
Lamp-blackened smuggler's knife featuring a spiked animite d-guard +terribly  +
Lanahh pahapo +poorly  +, inadequately  +
Lapis-hilted bronze throwing dagger +terribly  +
Large baker's spoon carved out of unfinished elm +poorly  +
Large baking pan riddled with rusted holes +poorly  +
Large butcher knife with a heartwood handle +terribly  +
Large claymore with cambrinth-studded quatrefoils +inadequately  +
Large clobbering hammer with a smokewood and kertig haft +very well  +
Large frozen club +reasonably  +
Large gargoyle fist +decently  +
Large gryphon talon +dismally  +
Large haledroth greathammer +reasonably  +
Large iron-bound tome entitled "Duck!" +decently  +
Large luscious metal tart with painted blackberries +well  +
Large pinecone +poorly  +
Large pitchfork +dismally  +
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