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Description: A property to declare the text value of a weapon's Force of Impact.
Type: string
Allows Value: not, terribly, dismally, poorly, inadequately, fairly, decently, reasonably, soundly, well, very well, extremely well, excellently, superbly, incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably, perfectly

There are currently 4828 items in this property, 836 of which are incomplete, and 169 of which are outdated.

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Galant dagger with a web-shaped hilt +terribly  +
Gallant dagger +terribly  +
Gargantuan Aldauth war icon set atop a splintery haft of white ironwood +decently  +, soundly  +
Gargantuan Asketi war icon set atop a haft of scaly adderwood +soundly  +, decently  +
Gargantuan Be'ort war icon set atop a tortuous haft of gloomwood +decently  +, soundly  +
Gargantuan Botolf war icon set atop a haft of black ironwood +decently  +, soundly  +
Gargantuan Drogor war icon set atop a blue-varnished haft of palmwood +decently  +, soundly  +
Gargantuan Harawep war icon set atop a withered haft of witchclaw +decently  +, soundly  +
Gargantuan Huldah war icon set atop a thorny haft of acacia +decently  +, soundly  +
Gargantuan Kerenhappuch war icon set atop a chiseled haft of cocobolo +decently  +, soundly  +
Gargantuan Trothfang war icon set atop a haft of unhewn bloodwood +decently  +, soundly  +
Gargantuan tyrium dire mace enwreathed with thorny shrike's bounty brambles +perfectly  +
Garz +inadequately  +
Gauntlet +terribly  +
Gently curved morning star with a hilt wrapped in black sharkskin +decently  +
Ghastly black dire mace of haralun +perfectly  +
Giant Albarian nomlas wrought from blackened steel +superbly  +
Giant dragonwood mallet with a frost-blue icesteel head +unbelievably  +
Giant haralun pigsticker embellished with green gold filigree +dismally  +
Giant tursa pole axe inlaid in asini +well  +
Giant war mallet with a forge-welded head +decently  +, soundly  +
Gigantic two-handed sword +extremely well  +
Gigantic zweihander with a blued steel blade +well  +
Gilt scepter with silver inlaid handle +reasonably  +
Gilt-edged longsword with a golden stylized sun pommel +poorly  +
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