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Description: A property for declairing whether a creature is undead, and thus affected by bless and possessing typical undead properties.
Type: boolean

There are currently 536 items in this property, 516 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Gam chaga +false  +
Gargantuan bone golem +true  +
Gatekeeper skeleton +true  +
Gaunt shadow master +false  +
Gelv cyclops +false  +
Gestalt draugen +true  +
Gestalt void midge +false  +
Ghoul +true  +
Ghoul crow +false  +
Ghoul raven +true  +
Giant bear +false  +
Giant black leucro +false  +
Giant blade spider +false  +
Giant blight bat +true  +
Giant blight ogre +false  +
Giant gatekeeper skeleton +true  +
Giant mechanical mouse +false  +
Giant snow hawk +false  +
Giant thicket viper +false  +
Giant wasp +false  +
Giant wolf spider +false  +
Glistening scythewing larva +false  +
Glutinous lipopod +false  +
Goblin Skirmisher +false  +
Goblin archer +false  +
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