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Description: A property for declairing whether a creature is undead, and thus affected by bless and possessing typical undead properties.
Type: boolean

There are currently 497 items in this property, 478 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Cadaverous yeehar +true  +
Caracal +false  +
Cave bear +false  +
Cave troll +false  +
Champion orc archer +false  +
Champion orc skirmisher +false  +
Cinnamon bear +false  +
Clockwork assistant +false  +
Clockwork monstrosity +false  +
Clouded arzumos +false  +
Copperhead viper +false  +
Corpse grub +false  +
Corrupted khor'vela beltunumshi +false  +
Corsair +false  +
Cougar +false  +
Cracked bone warrior +true  +
Crag +false  +
Crazed madman +false  +
Croff pothanit +false  +
Crypt fiend +true  +
Cutthroat (creature) +false  +


Damaska boar +false  +
Dark fiend +true  +
Dark spirit +true  +
Dark sprite (1) +false  +
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