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Description: This is a property for creatures that are evil. It is a derived property from both the cursed and undead creature properties where it is true if either of those are true.
Type: boolean

There are currently 499 items in this property, 480 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Greater shadow hound +true  +
Greater skeleton +true  +
Greater sluagh +true  +
Green sewer eel +false  +
Grey and tan mottled westanuryn +false  +
Grey clay archer +false  +
Grey clay mage +false  +
Grey clay soldier +false  +
Grizzled red leucro +false  +
Gypsy marauder +false  +


Hammerhead Shark +false  +
Haunt +true  +
Heggarangi boar +false  +
Heggarangi frog +false  +
Horse (creature) +false  +
Hulking black barghest +false  +


Ice archon +true  +
Icy blue ghast +true  +
Immature firecat +false  +
Inkhorne +false  +
Inquisitorial Deacon +false  +
Isundjen conjurer +true  +


Jackal (creature) +false  +
Juvenile desert armadillo +false  +
Juvenile wyvern +false  +
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