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Description: This is a property for creatures that are evil. It is a derived property from both the cursed and undead creature properties where it is true if either of those are true.
Type: boolean

There are currently 578 items in this property, 576 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Quartz gargoyle +false  +


Race-eating mantrap +false  +
Rafflesia +false  +
Rat +false  +
Rebel marksman +false  +
Red brocket deer +false  +
Red-Gold scaled atik'et (1) +false  +
Red-Gold scaled atik'et (2) +false  +
Red-bristled gremlin +true  +
Retan dolomar +false  +
Retch fiend +true  +
Revenant conscript +true  +
Revenant zombie +true  +
Rhoat moda +false  +
Ring-necked Gidii +false  +
River boa +false  +
River caiman +false  +
River sprite +false  +
Robed Dragon Priest(ess) +false  +
Robed banyakea +true  +
Rock guardian (1) +false  +
Rock guardian (2) +false  +
Rock troll (1) +false  +
Rock troll (2) +false  +
Rotting deadwood dryad +true  +
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