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Description: A property that numerically describes a weapon's or shield's construction, for comparison purposes.
Type: Number

There are currently 11974 items in this property, 2348 of which are incomplete, and 3146 of which are outdated.

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Tall tower shield painted a mottled green and gold (1) +15  +
Tall tower shield painted a mottled green and gold (2) +15  +
Tall-tined tomiek trident with twisted triangular tips +13  +
Tamarak augmentation loop coated with a cerulean lacquer +8  +
Tamarisk plains bow with a cascade of silvery goshawk feathers and cinnabar beads dangling from the grip +1  +
Tamarisk plains bow with flowing strands of white owl feathers and agate beads at the tip +7  +
Tamarisk saddle bow with a braided plumegrass grip +7  +
Tamboti parry stick painted with a series of stylized Dwarves +8  +
Tamboti quarterstaff painted with a series of stylized Gnomes +11  +
Tamboti walking cane +11  +
Tan and white cowhide leathers with steel rivets +11  +
Tan leather coat +8  +
Tan trenchcoat +7  +
Tanned jaguar mask with carved ivory teeth +7  +
Tanned leather helm +7  +
Tapered cutlass +7  +
Tapered demonscale helm darkened to a deep abyssal black +15  +
Tapered jade pestle tinted spring green +8  +
Tapered stave carved at the top with a leering face +7  +
Target shield +7  +
Target shield emblazoned with a jester's jovial face +8  +
Target shield painted with a pair of crests +9  +
Tarnished Elven chainmail +8  +
Tarnished battle sword with rivets along the back of the blade +15  +
Tarnished brass carving knife with twisting adders etched along the blade +11  +
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