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Description: A value for use with all combat equipment.
Type: String
Allows Value: extremely weak, very delicate, quite fragile, rather flimsy, particularly weak, somewhat unsound, appreciably susceptible, marginally vulnerable, average construction, a bit safeguarded, rather reinforced, quite guarded, highly protected, very strong, extremely resistant, unusually resilient, nearly impervious, practically invulnerable

There are currently 12310 items in this property, 2322 of which are incomplete, and 4711 of which are outdated.

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PURELY BUSINESS bolt +appreciably susceptible  +
Padded black brocade hauberk +highly protected  +
Padded black linen robe trimmed in ruby-red barkcloth at the cuffs +rather reinforced  +
Padded burgundy brocade hauberk trimmed with gilded embroidery +extremely resistant  +
Padded chain haqueton +marginally vulnerable  +
Padded deep green suede jacket embossed with a pattern of oak leaves +rather reinforced  +
Padded great helm smudged with paint in camouflage colors +very strong  +
Padded ivory cloth gloves spotted with black ink (2) +a bit safeguarded  +
Padded ivory cloth hood with golden trim (2) +highly protected  +
Padded ivory cloth robe bearing small ink stains (2) +rather reinforced  +
Padded leather hunters +average construction  +
Padded leather thigh boots +appreciably susceptible  +
Padded leathers painted with multi-colored diamonds +appreciably susceptible  +
Padded linen pants laced at the sides with bright blue leather cords (1) +particularly weak  +
Padded linen pants laced at the sides with bright blue leather cords (2) +rather reinforced  +
Padded rope handwraps reinforced with a roll of silver coins +appreciably susceptible  +
Padded sheepskin robe +appreciably susceptible  +
Padded steelsilk gloves trimmed with smoky brocade +highly protected  +
Padded steelsilk hood trimmed with smoky brocade +highly protected  +
Padded steelsilk mask with brocade edging +highly protected  +
Padded trollskin breastplate +appreciably susceptible  +
Painted bone gauntlets +marginally vulnerable  +
Painted bone mask +marginally vulnerable  +
Painted buckler with a bull's head on the front +rather reinforced  +
Painted camouflaged competition longbow with a black leather grip +average construction  +
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