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Description: A value for use with all combat equipment.
Type: String
Allows Value: extremely weak, very delicate, quite fragile, rather flimsy, particularly weak, somewhat unsound, appreciably susceptible, marginally vulnerable, average construction, a bit safeguarded, rather reinforced, quite guarded, highly protected, very strong, extremely resistant, unusually resilient, nearly impervious, practically invulnerable

There are currently 12310 items in this property, 2322 of which are incomplete, and 4711 of which are outdated.

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A chitinous blade spider leg +marginally vulnerable  +
A leaf-bladed spear set with cambrinth rings +appreciably susceptible  +
A small boulder +marginally vulnerable  +
A smooth belzune mixing stick carved to resemble a long newt tail +a bit safeguarded  +
Abalone-inlaid walnut crossbow +appreciably susceptible  +
Abassi (1) +average construction  +
Abassi (2) +average construction  +
Absinthe-hued leathers outlined at the seams with strips of gold moradu bone +rather reinforced  +
Abstract vine-motif mask +appreciably susceptible  +
Abyssal black Imperial weave battle gown with blackened moonsilver epaulets +extremely resistant  +
Abyssal black haledroth elbow spikes +highly protected  +
Abyssal black haledroth footwraps +highly protected  +
Abyssal black haledroth knee spikes +highly protected  +
Abyssal black haledroth knuckles +highly protected  +
Abyssal blue helm adorned with membranous glaes fins +rather reinforced  +
Acanth staff sling with silk whipcords +appreciably susceptible  +
Acanth wood arbalest carved with tiny vines +appreciably susceptible  +
Acid-etched cutlass +marginally vulnerable  +
Acid-etched jeweled longsword +marginally vulnerable  +
Acid-etched nimsha with a carved dragon's blood crystal pommel +marginally vulnerable  +
Acid-etched sabre +a bit safeguarded  +
Acid-etched sabre with a black opal-inlaid pommel +average construction  +
Acid-etched steel horseshoe stamped with the crest of the Paladins' Guild +marginally vulnerable  +
Acid-etched tei'oloh'ata +appreciably susceptible  +
Acid-etched two-handed sword with quillions shaped like writhing serpents +a bit safeguarded  +
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