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Prestige is a measure of standing within a crafting discipline. Prestige Boards have a list of the top five most prestigious crafters in each relevant discipline for that Society.


It is gained through doing work orders for crafting masters. Harder work orders produce greater prestige, but easy work orders still give prestige.

Prestige is awarded based on the difficulty level of the work order, the difficulty tier of the item, and the number of items you're told to make. Mastercrafting all items in a work order gives a small bonus, and marking the items with a maker mark also gives a bonus.


Prestige is lost over time, and must be constantly worked on. The loss is percentage based, so higher prestige depletes faster.


Currently, it only allows you to qualify for maker marks, but it will eventually be linked to special stores as well.


Crafter approx easy WO approx chall WO approx. hard WO
Unknown 0 0 0
Familiar 18 10? 5
Recognized 36 25? 10
Reputable 66 50? 20
Professional 157 100 40
Well-Known 300 200 70
Noteworthy 250 110
Renowned (Basic Mark) 300 150
Prominent 365
Honored 950
Acclaimed 1500
Famous (Advanced Mark?) 6000
Peerless ~12000

Note that these levels are extremely approximate.

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