Premium Mini Festival 418

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The Premium Mini Festival 418 is an estate holder-only event held in Fang Cove in 2015.

Location and Map

Fang Cove

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In the room with the exit portal from Fang Cove, you will find "a box of overflowing gifts." Inside is the following:

<colored> pinata
"Item:&lt;colored&gt; pinata" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.
colorful wand
sealed cylinder
sealed cylinder
beribboned pinata stick strung with candy-shaped charms

The box is located in the following room:

[Fang Cove, Fate's Fortune Lane]
A towering marble archway opens a gap in the wall to the north and separates the ongoing construction and somewhat more refined completed structures of Fate's Fortune Lane from the crude structures and makeshift walkway along the beach. The entrance to a squat, wide bungalow sits in opposition to the arch, and the sheltering cliffs of Fang's Peak rise up from behind it. To either side of the arch, cobblestones of different shapes and sizes have been laid out to form the wide Fate's Fortune Lane.
You also see a gaudily clothed barker, a crowd surrounding a towering pole, a shaggy fur tent, a smoke-filled archway, a cedar wagon marked with three narrow rays, a box of overflowing gifts, an Estate Holder representative, a shimmering EXIT portal, a sky blue tent, a squat bungalow, a sturdy palm-leafed cabana and a driftwood log.
Obvious paths: north, east, west.