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Visions Meeting - Fists Erupt, Tiv possessed · on 10/25/2013 09:37 PM CDT 777
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Today there was a gathering of Moonmages and others with interest in the study of the skies and the various visions of the times that have been seen. Here is an accord of the meeting!

Mistanna Redivas Scribe of Ilithi

[18:06] Miskton says, "Okay, I think we can begin... Thank you all for coming." (Miskton looks a bit haggard, as if he hasn't slept much in the past few days.) [18:06] Arandrowse asks, "What's this?" [18:07] Ezly says, "I haven't used it for some time, don't really care for it, yours if you want it." [18:07] Arandrowse says, "Maybe I can knock over a totem with it." [18:07] Miskton asks, "I think we can begin on the obvious point... everyone is aware of the eruptions of the Greater and Lesser Fists, yes?" [18:07] Arandrowse asks, "That wasn't a vision was it?" [18:07] Arandrowse says, "Because it felt VERY real." [18:08] Leucius says, "Hard to miss really." [18:08] Traim quietly says, "Unfortunately." [18:08] Zynara says to Arandrowse, "It was quite brutally real." [18:08] Miskton says, "Some of us were in the Crystal Hand fortress with guildleader Tiv when the volcano erupted." [18:08] Miskton says, "The events leading up to it, and what could be pieced together afterwards, matched closely to what was seen in recent visions." [18:09] Arandrowse says to Miskton, "I heard that Nightingale Phelim, himself aided Tiv coming to help Kingsnake Peri'el." [18:09] Miskton says, "But other things happened, that were not part of those visions." [18:09] Miskton says to Arandrowse, "Yes, there was a vision afterwards, showing something to that effect..." [18:10] Miskton says, "I think the last few moments in the Crystal Hand fortress are important, and people should be aware of them." [18:11] Miskton says, "When I arrived, Tiv was already meditating, and soon afterwards shadows and heat began to encroach on his platform." [18:11] Miskton says, "As the eruption drew closer, Tiv began speaking words in a language that I could not recognize, but I was able to make out enough to identify it as a prayer to Phelim." [18:12] Miskton says, "He then collapsed, along with most of the rest of us, as the fumes from deep in the volcano drew in." [18:12] Miskton says, "He managed to pull himself back to his feet, and spoke one final phrase. In response, a faint star glimmered to life in the sky." [18:13] Miskton says, "Tiv was then surrounded in a white glow, and spoke in a voice that wasn't his." [18:14] Rifkinn says, "Thank you." [18:14] Arandrowse cautiously asks Miskton, "Which Star was it that shined?" [18:14] Miskton says, "I didn't recognize it." [18:14] Rifkinn says, "Hello all." [18:14] Miskton says, "And I've not been able to pinpoint it since." [18:14] Ascarlet asks, "What or who was he possessed by?" [18:15] Miskton says, "When he spoke, he said, "Today is a day of Gods and men not of us. He overreaches himself. He cannot change those who came before you made that truth manifest. I will not undo what has been done I will not ape his crimes. I give this vessel what is sought I will not be thanked for it. The future is of your own making, for he sees only one I will intervene no more." (Miskton rubs at the bridge of his nose for a moment.) [18:15] Miskton says, "Prayer to Phelim or no, I do not believe that was a god we heard." [18:16] Zynara asks, "Is it possible it may have been part of the prophecy and he was fulfilling his part?" [18:16] Gemrardi says, "Well I kinda was wondering I heard of that speech relayed by others, is that like some Moon lunar entity of fate or other things." [18:16] Miskton says, "I... think not, actually." [18:16] Miskton says, "The prophecy, well..." [18:17] Miskton asks, "Are any here familiar with the Arbiter in Darkness?" [18:17] Leucius says, "Not I." [18:17] Gemrardi asks, "Like one of those beings that are in the astral plane?" [18:18] Miskton says, "It's a being from the Plane of Probability." [18:18] Gemrardi says, "Yes, well I think he would, would be one of them." [18:18] Gemrardi says, "I don't recall fully your names for all of them." [18:19] Miskton says, "They are beings of incredible power. You could, perhaps, compare them to the Immortals, but the residents of different planes can be very, very different from one another." [18:20] Gemrardi asks, "And things from different planes act differently, so that speech is something that seems somewhat foreign and perhaps probabilitish?" [18:20] Miskton says, "Related to probability, yes." [18:20] Miskton says, "There are two recent visions that I believe may be relevant here..." [18:21] Miskton says, "Prophecy trickled through my mind, manifesting as a masculine voice, "You have so much more power than you know. In ignorance you bludgeon about, oblivious to the consequences. You will learn." [18:21] Miskton says, "That, many of us believe, is the voice of Pelag ai Aldam." [18:21] Miskton says, "Who we also believe speaks again in another vision..." [18:21] Miskton says, "A chill voice floated through my mind, "Why do you pursue this? It is not your place. You, more than any of us, should know." [18:21] Miskton says, ""Because it is my place! It is my only place!" responded a second, deeper, voice." [18:21] Miskton says, ""They made me so." [18:22] Miskton says, "The second voice, Pelag. But the first, cold voice..." [18:22] Miskton says, "It reminds me of the tone to the voice that spoke through Tiv. And I believe both are the Arbiter in Darkness." [18:23] Miskton says, "Pelag ai Aldam has finally taken steps to interfere with our plane directly, it seems..." [18:23] Miskton says, "And Tiv... I think he may have sacrificed himself to stop it." [18:23] Arandrowse nervously says, "I am sure you will give us more details of this Planar entity, and why you all seem," pauses, "worried." [18:24] Miskton says, "Pelag ai Aldam, the Servant of Fate, is a denizen of the Astral Plane, and he hates anyone with a connection to the Plane of Probability." [18:25] Miskton says, "Those he catches in the Astral Plane, he kills." [18:25] Traim says, "To be fair, he might hate even more than that." [18:25] Traim says, "But those with the connection are, as far as we know right now, the only ones he can reach." [18:25] Traim says, "Barring a trip to the astral plane, which sits between our plane and the plane of probability, his." [18:26] Isharon asks, "Why does he bear such enmity toward Moon Mages?" [18:26] Miskton says, "Given the way he is bound up in fate, I suppose it wouldn't be surprising if he would enjoy all life ceasing. The web of fate would certainly be much more straightforward..." [18:27] Traim says to Miskton, "Or at least all sentient life potentially capable of self-determination." [18:27] Ezly asks Isharon, "Because they are tainted with Probability?" [18:27] Traim says to Isharon, "Complicated question." [18:27] Miskton says, "It's theorized that our interactions with probability cause him pain in some fashion. He's not one to speak to any of us at length about his motivations, however." [18:28] Ezly asks, "He kills and doesn't ask questions later?" [18:28] Traim says, "If you think of him as the embodiment of Fate in its strictest most unwavering form, some might say that we offend him with every glimpse, every twist, of the web." [18:28] Miskton says, "It's also possible that he bears a grudge against lunar mages in particular after being Named by Nera." [18:29] You say, "Aye. And, if we manage to get out of the Ways before he catches up, he still will come over here to kill us." [18:29] Zynara says, "And yet sometimes while in the expanse, luck turns to our fate and we're returned to where we started fairly unharmed..." [18:29] Arandrowse nervously asks, "He can breach into the Plane of Abiding?" [18:30] Zynara says to you, "I like when this happens." [18:30] Miskton says, "Thus far, only to touch those he has already come into contact with." [18:30] You say to Arandrowse, "I think only through our connection to the planes, as Miskton says." [18:30] Traim says to Arandrowse, "That's questionable. I happen to think that even when we die to his attack after exiting the Ways, it's more a function of lingering effects of his attack in the Ways, not him coming through." [18:31] Traim says, "But that might be the optimist in me." [18:32] Miskton says, "The Arbiter in Darkness, meanwhile... does not seem to hold an active grudge against us, but he likely thinks in a manner very different from our own." [18:32] Miskton says, "There are stories of people who have interacted with him, and it has rarely ended well." [18:33] Miskton says, "When you request something of him, if he grants it to you you'll be given what you asked for, not necessarily what you wanted." [18:33] Miskton says, "For Tiv to turn to him... I think the guildleader was very, very worried." [18:34] Traim says, "Then again, what little we know of the Arbiter also indicates that he treats the wise and selfless with fairness and compassion." [18:34] Traim asks Miskton, "Do you think Tiv fits there?" [18:34] Miskton says, "On both counts. But even then, a dangerous gambit." [18:35] Miskton says, "But... I think his sacrifice may not have been in vain. For two reasons." [18:35] Traim says, "Desperate, certainly." [18:36] Miskton says, "First, the vision that I saw afterwards, outside the wreckage of the fortress." [18:36] Miskton says, "A slender S'Kra Mur woman lay supine in a cavernous hall of green basalt. The barest echo of a sibilant melody hung in the air for a few moments until all was silent. The woman looked small in the vastness of the cavern, her form pale and still. An archaic man approached, bald and tanned, a nightingale perched upon his shoulder. At his approach, a shrike dove and shrieked, attempting to drive him off, but the nightingale took flight, distracting the other bird. The man knelt at the woman s side, torches limning his features with ruddy, red light." [18:37] Miskton says, "I believe that vision does indicate that Peri'el is not actually dead." [18:37] You say, "I saw that just before, I thought to visit the new Shrine by the moonmages guild with an offering." [18:37] Miskton says, "And Tiv's prayer to Phelim may yet be answered." [18:37] Miskton says, "The driving off of the shrike seems a good sign." [18:38] Arandrowse confidently says, "Phelim is a masterful tactician, and excellent ambusher, as well as a compatent warrior." [18:39] Miskton says, "My other thought relates to what the Arbiter said through Tiv." [18:39] Ezly harshly says, "Phelim." [18:39] Zynara asks, "That would seem a little astounding, that the light and dark of Hav'roth would be fighting each other?" [18:39] Zynara asks, "Or am I mistaking my immortals?" [18:39] Miskton says, "I believe the 'he' that was referenced was Pelag. He has crossed some line, and was interfering with us in a much more direct way than he has in the past." [18:40] Arandrowse confidently says, "No it is Damaris." [18:40] Arandrowse confidently says, "And they have 'fought' before." [18:40] Zynara says, "Never claimed to be holy." [18:40] Arandrowse confidently says, "The thrice eyed 'created' the World Dragon, and Phelim is instrumental in ambushing it and leading it into Elanthia for Peri'el to keep it slept." [18:41] Miskton says, "And I believe the interference has been cut off. For now, at least." [18:41] Zynara asks, "Phelim's nightingale fighting off Dergati's shrike?" [18:41] Traim asks Miskton, "What makes you think that?" [18:41] Arandrowse calmly says, "But Peri'el made sacrifices of her own, a great warrioress who was mimed in the first fighting of it." [18:41] Miskton says, "Ever since those events... almost all of the visions of the destruction of the moon mage guild seem to have ceased." [18:42] Miskton says, "No more birds in flames, or shadows dragging the observatory into the ground. I have not seen the fist crushing Taisgath either, or the darkness oozing out of the Throne City palace. Perhaps I'm wrong, and I'm simply not seeing them, but I've been checking for some time." [18:43] Zynara says to Miskton, "I think the shell may have been Per'iel in that by the by." [18:43] Traim says, "Seems like a good point to me. Though perhaps the visions were warning us that one would fall, but it was not determined which, now that card is played." [18:43] Gemrardi asks, "Sorry could you rephrase my memory Birds in Flames, and shell is Peri'el?" [18:44] Miskton says, "The birds, well..." (Miskton gestures to the trees.) [18:44] Zynara asks Traim, "Seems that the threats were there, but perhaps not entirely set in stone?" [18:44] Arandrowse calmly says, "Yes I am still up here in the tree." [18:44] Traim says to Zynara, "A possibility. I'm only wary of believing the threat is passed is all." [18:45] Miskton says, "The vision of Pelag remains. I'm sure he's not done, but I think the Arbiter may have stopped whatever he currently had in motion." [18:46] Miskton says, "The one ominous vision related to the guild that does still occur is the one of six towers of light... but that was first seen well before the others, as well." [18:48] Gemrardi asks, "Is that the one where they fall one by one?" [18:48] Gemrardi asks, "Are they falling in that order?" [18:48] Gemrardi says, "Because that fortress was blown apart in the Lesser Fist." [18:49] Miskton says, "The first tower in the vision did explode..." [18:49] Mazrian quietly says, "Pardon, I should head back to Crossing." [18:49] Miskton says, "Six towers of light sprang into being about me. They were a glow with chilly starlight, solid and seemingly eternal. Yet as I watched, fissures, dark as the void, spiderwebbed through each of them, causing one to explode in a shower of searing fragments." [18:49] Miskton says, "The remainder resisted. For a time. Until the top of another tower imploded, leaving naught but a ragged stump behind." [18:49] Miskton says, "The remaining four continued to struggle, though the fissures were now a vast network of absolute darkness, until, they too, could stand no more and crumbled into motes of dying light." [18:50] Gemrardi asks, "So does that one seem more meaningful now?" [18:50] Miskton says, "Possibly, yes." [18:51] Gemrardi asks, "Wasn't there another that showed an order?" [18:51] Miskton says to Gemrardi, "I've not seen that one since the volcano eruptions." [18:52] Miskton says, "The visions I see now are largely those that were appearing before all these latest visions of danger to the guild, along with those that seem to be related to the Akul'tiz." [18:53] Leucius says, "If you see a vision that says hit so and so with an axe and all will be right. Do tell." [18:53] Zynara says, "Would love that." [18:54] Traim says, "Funny thing about that, the axe would probably be symbolic for a glass of wine and the 'hitting' would actually mean offering." [18:54] Traim says, "We'd end up killing some poor sap that was supposed to be king or something." [18:54] Leucius asks, "By funny you mean not?" [18:54] Ezly harshly says to Leucius, "I'd prefer it being a sabre, but I like the forward of that style of vision." [18:55] Zynara says, "The one to Peri'el remains." [18:55] Miskton says, "And that largely brings us up to date, I believe. We can go over any of the older visions, if people would like." [18:56] Traim says, "I have a question on interpretation, given that the visions we see now of Tiv implicate Phelim and Dergati." [18:56] Traim asks, "What do you think the meaning or importance is, if any, behind the convergence of the Arbiter and Phelim, and Pelag and Dergati?" [18:58] Traim says, "Perhaps there is no connection, and they are separate attacks, but given the Arbiter's words through Tiv, and the vision of Tiv as Phelim's champion..." [18:58] Traim says, "I have a hard time seeing it that way." [18:58] Zynara says to Vansiil, "What were you trying to say to me via thoughtcast when the First first came out and was seen in Zoluren." [18:58] Zynara says to Vansiil, "Something about Phelim." [18:58] Miskton says, "The relationship between the Arbiter and Phelim... that I'm not certain on. For Tiv to attract both of their attentions, though... Yes, it's odd." [18:58] Miskton says, "Pelag and Dergati, though... I can't help but wonder if they managed to strike some kind of deal." [18:59] Traim asks, "And the Arbiter purposefully called Tiv a vessel, didn't he?" [18:59] Traim asks, "A vessel for the Arbiter, or possibly otherwise? Phelim?" [19:01] Miskton says, "At the time, he certainly seemed a vessel for the Arbiter. But I suppose one has to be careful trying to understand his meanings." [19:01] Traim says, "I am reminded of when Meraud fought through Prince Vorclaf. So no doubt my bias taints my interpretation." [19:01] Traim says, "And perhaps my hopes for Tiv." [19:03] Miskton says, "If he can survive the process, that will be something to be very grateful for..." [19:03] Zynara says, "Maybe he can bring us more information and direct us as he always has." [19:03] Zynara says, "Although I rather fear that's unlikely." [19:04] Miskton says, "I pray he survives, but what he'll come back to... that will be a painful experience." [19:05] Ezly says, "Whoops." [19:06] Miskton says, "Well..." [19:07] Miskton says, "I think that's about all I have for now. I believe the end may be in sight, with that vision of Peri'el, but that won't undo the damage that has been done." [19:07] Traim says, "Appreciate the thoughts and vision as usual, Miskton. Thank you." [19:08] Traim says, "And for the feedback, everyone else too." [19:08] Traim says, "See you all soon." [19:08] You say to Miskton, "My thanks. I know that the times have been... trying. I appreciate you bringing us together." [19:08] Leucius says, "Ah." [19:08] Miskton says, "Thank you all for coming."

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