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Tuesday Tidings 2 · on 03/03/2020 20:11 1721
Greetings, adventurers!

It's Tuesday, so here we go with another release from the strike team.

This week, Ulerith opted to expand an existing hunting area. Premium players who frequent young wyverns near Shard will have some new space to spread into. A narrow track along a watery ravine has been discovered, and Estate Holders are encouraged to contain the threat there.

By giving Premium players rooms to expand into, some of the crowded unrestricted rooms should free up for others.

While working on this, we noticed there were discrepancies in some of the spawn #s and frequency between Prime/Plat/TF. Aside from 1 spawner (of 3) in Plat that was generating too many, all of these differences were buffed up to a current standard -- 4 per player checked every 30 seconds -- so the instances would be in sync with each other.

Big thanks to Ulerith for updating and expanding the area and to Tullie for the QC!

This is live NOW in Prime and Plat, and TF will follow in a couple hours if nothing blows up.

Wyverns not your cup of tea, or not an Estate Holder? Fear not! I believe next week's project is also hunting-related and not tied to Premium.

Zadraes (on behalf of the team!)

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