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Tuesday Tidings 19 · on 06/30/2020 19:52 1753
Oh hi there. It's Tuesday, and that means we've released something!

This week, we're expanding the family (account) vault services to the carousels (vaults) of Riverhaven, Aesry Surlaenis'a, and Hibarnhvidar. Like the others, you'll find a secretary at the desk where you normally pay rent, and the arches can be found SOUTH of the normal vault arches. These are live everywhere now!

It's come up again recently, so I just wanted to confirm that we do have plans for a vault book type tool to use with account vaults. I don't have more to share at this time, but it is on our radar!

Next week, the team is taking a look at something in Therengia! What could it be? Check back next Tuesday to find out!

Zadraes (for the team!)

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