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Re: This just seems weird · on 05/02/2012 08:33 PM CDT 2462
Alright so leather does NOT protect more than the other armors. I have posted it before, but brig is something like 16% below plate, and chain is 33% below plate, and leather/bone are 42%, and cloth is 52%. In this regard the armors seem reasonably balanced. Those %'s off really start hurting when you get down to the light armor types....

What kind of chain were you making? Weights and volumes below for nominal densities

Ring Hauberk - 70 volume, 350 stones at 5 density
Chain Hauberk - 80 volume, 400 stones at 5 density
Mail Hauberk - 90 volumne, 450 stones at 5 density

Leathers - 72 volume, 288 stones at 4 density

Cloth Hauberk - 44 volume, 132 stones at 3 density

Keep in mind cloth has the worst defenses of all the armor types, and is only a little less hindering than leather. Its big advantage is its weight. Leather should be weighing in less than Chain, and with similar volume to the lightest chain.

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