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Re: Teaching Updates · on 04/08/2015 06:48 PM CDT 1022
>>I did some testing here. You might recall that I did some testing on exp per pulse after your first round of changes but before this one (posted in the Bard folders). In that test, I found that one pulse of teaching taught my student 2.21% of a rank of Outfitting regardless of whether my student and I had a Scholarship buff. One possible explanation for that was that I was hitting the limit of exp per pulse even without the buff.

So, I dug into this, and it's not a cap problem. (It's actually so far away from a cap problem I put the old cap back in for safety).

It's the nature of the exp formula for teaching - the primary way the student's scholarship factors in is as a ratio compared to the teacher's teaching. If the student is a better scholar than the teacher is a teacher, they get a bonus. If they're worse, they get a penalty. And it's fairly tightly bounded. In the sample you set me your teaching skill was vastly outclassing your student's skill so even with the scholarship bonus it wasn't enough to get him off the bottom rail of the ratio, thus you don't see any improvement in pulse size.

Do I think it's a good formula? Not really. But fixing it would involve some drastic revisions to the teaching formulas to make sure I didn't end up making teaching vastly over or under powered and would likely end with me burning down the entire teaching system and starting from scratch rather then building on nearly 20 years of patch work code. And that's just not a project I'm prepared to delve into at this time.


This message was originally posted in Lore \ Teaching Skill, by DR-RAESH on the forums.