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Re: Spider Repair Explanation · on 10/10/2011 12:08 AM CDT 1108
Short Version - probably will be on critters, probably not forged. I haven't found any parts yet, not on goblins or gypsy marauders. I'd suspect an invasions over the next few weeks.

Long Version - Heavily Edited - but this is basically what went down tonight:

Roggleflart says, "I've been lost, wandering around trying to find a partsmith and then I walk up on this snot-nosed goblin, gnawing on a flarmencrank."

Roggleflart says, "So I just said, "OH HEY THAT'S MINE!" and grabbed for it and he bit me. BITE BITE, right on my hands."

Roggleflart exclaims, "Who knows where the parts are now. They could be anywhere. EVERYWHERE! Stupid gypsy smugglers probably have them on the purple market by now!"

Roggleflart says, "I think I have Goblin-slobber Fever."

Roggleflart wobbles, looking a bit faint.

You ask, "So, Roggles, you found your doohicky thingamahjigger being carried by a goblin?"

Roggleflart says, "No. I found this flarmencrank. Doohicky thingamahjiggers are primitive, Dwarven technology."

Roggleflart snorts, loudly.

Roggleflart says, "So, as I was saying..."

Roggleflart says, "We had a shipment on the way. Plenty of parts."

Roggleflart exclaims, "Turn "Left!" the cap'n says. He says "Left?" The Cap'n says, "Right!"

Roggleflart says, "Thanks to the NAVIGATOR, they got delivered to the bottom of a ravine."

Roggleflart exclaims, "So who knows where they are now!"

Roggleflart says, "So now I'm supposed to "GO GET PARTS!" and have no idea where they are."

Roggleflart says, "Perhaps you didn't hear me: I need all of the parts you have."

Katjia asks, "What kind of parts?"

Kraggur asks, "Do ya hae a list?"

Roggleflart says, "Well, obviously, nuts, gears, bolts."

Roggleflart says, "ANYONE can see those are needed."

Roggleflart says, "Spangleflanges."

Roggleflart says, "Several of those."

Roggleflart exclaims, "Rackensprockets, clearly. Have you ever tried to build a leg without rackensprockets?!"

Roggleflart waves a scorched flarmencrank around.

Roggleflart says, "These, too."

Mialeigh asks, "You said you found that flarmencrank on a goblin?"

Katjia asks, "Goblins stole the parts?"

Roggleflart says, "I did. More like in his mouth."

Roggleflart says, "HE BIT ME."

Heucuva asks, "Kraggur bit you?"

Roggleflart says, "No. The goblin had smoother skin and better hair. But more teeth."

Roggleflart says, "Also, the goblin had better breath."

Katjia asks, "What happened to the goblin?"

Roggleflart says, "My foot in his face, happened. And then my wrench."

Darkeno says, "So back to these parts." J> Heucuva offers Kraggur some honey. J> Katjia puts her tongs in her leather pack. J> Darkeno asks, "Where are we supposed to find them?"

Mialeigh says to Darkeno, "They may be with goblins."

Nesra asks, "Where were they lost, as close as you can tell?"

Roggleflart exclaims, "If I knew, I'd find em myself!"

Roggleflart says, "GYPSY SMUGGLERS. I'm sure they're involved."

Heucuva asks, "Can we kill them?"

Roggleflart says, "Kill them all, as long as I get my parts."

Roggleflart says, "You find me parts and bring em to the crash site. Give em to my assistant there..."

A giant mechanical moth jerkily falls from the sky directly above you, landing with an audible crunch from the basket its carrying. Its passengers quickly disembark.

Kurmin exclaims, "The left third leg almost destroyed!"

Kurmin shakes his fist!

Kurmin exclaims, "To the other side!"

Everyone gets on the Moth

Kurmin exclaims, "These are people, not parts!"

Roggleflart says, "I found one part, found more people. I brought the part on purpose. The people, they came on accident."

Kurmin exclaims, "We can't make parts from people! We'd be thrown in jail!"

Roggleflart says, "Well, we can make people from parts."

Kurmin asks, "We can make just about anyt.. oh, hey. How you doin?"

Kurmin stands near Ariya.

Roggleflart says, " I was saying."

Roggleflart says, "You find any parts I can use, bring em to the site and give em to the workman there."

Roggleflart says, "He'll give you you some tickets. Then you can come back once we fix the spider and give us the tickets back and we'll give you other stuff in exchange."

Roggleflart exclaims, "And even if you can't come visit us this time, you can save your tickets for later. Even for next visit. Or the one after that! Save them up! Spend them whenever!"

Kurmin says, "Oh, hey. Or you can give me your tickets for nothing. I bet I could get all sorts of stuff with them."

Roggleflart says, "Then give tickets, get stuff."

Roggleflart says, "You don't have to spend them this time if you can't make it."

Diggan asks, "Do we find parts or make parts?"

Roggleflart exclaims, "If you come up with a way to make em, we'll use em! I just know there's lots of parts out there somewhere. They have to be somewhere. They sure aren't here!"

[Valley Floor, Crash Site] A fertile mountain valley stretches out before you. Jagged spires of rock support tall conifers in small clusters, providing a dramatic backdrop to the lush grasses and wildflowers that cover the floor of the valley. Listing precariously to one side and spouting smoke from several places is a giant metal arachnid, the multitude of illuminated windows on its face staring menacingly down at you. Gnomes dressed in oil-stained overalls scurry up and down the legs of the incapacitated transport putting out fires and plugging leaks. You also see a gnome workman. Obvious paths: southeast.

Roggleflart hands a gnome workman a strange metal object. They speak together for a few moments before the workman stuffs the object into a sack at his feet and then writes down a few notes.

Sortny asks, "Where would we find these parts?"

Roggleflart says, "I dunno. I'm guessin they may be shiny enough that critters would pick em up and carry em around."

Roggleflart says, "I can't imagine they'd just be laying out in the open."

Roggleflart exclaims, "And you certainly can't forage up a flarmencrank!

Kurmin says, "Trust me, I've tried."

The gnomish workman says, "Bring me parts, I'll give you tickets, you go get prizes! Easy!" > Roggleflart exclaims, "PARTS!"

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