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Show and Tell - Part 2

Fritha says, "Hello everyone." Fritha says, "I hope I'm not too late." Malzard says to Fritha, "Less gowns, more turbans." Sesi says to Fritha, "Right on time, I think." Arandrowse says to Fritha, "Usually I am coming to you, but you have decided to come a different place." Fritha says to Malzard, "But I made all these new gowns for the festival." Malzard says to Fritha, "Not that I won't buy the gowns, mind you." Fritha says, "Wonderful, I have all sorts of new ones. A lovely...well that would be telling." Arandrowse says to Fritha, "Could I entice you with a bit of fresh elven spiced bread." Fritha says to Arandrowse, "I ate before leaving the workshop, but thank you." Arandrowse asks, "Perhaps someone else?" Fritha says to Casserah, "I believe he bought every single gown I put out." Fritha says to Casserah, "I have yet to see him wear any." Casserah asks, "Did you want to see that?" Fritha says, "I don't judge." Sesi says, "I think the turbans might clash." Arandrowse softly says, "I heard he resold them all to extremely wealthy patrons of Ilithi." Casserah says, "Perhaps you reconsidered and decided to make a dress for Starlear this time." Sesi exclaims, "Oh!" Malzard says to Fritha, "They do pad in innards of a Shadow Servant so nicely. The perfect lining, really." Sesi says to Fritha, "If you open up a turban shop, they could match your pretty gowns." Fritha says, "How awful." Fritha says to Sesi, "Another shop? Dear me, I don't know." Ruea asks, "A turban shop?" Fritha says, "I'm already overseeing two this year." Casserah asks, "Two?" Sesi says, "Ooo, shopping." Fritha says, "Oh yes, I was asked to sew up ideas for your Theater lady." Casserah says, "How nice." Sesi says to herself, "She never mentioned..." Fritha says, "She presented the drawings, I made things." Arandrowse happily says to Fritha, "You should hire a few apprentices, you know at food and board rates, it wouldn't be too expensive, lots of young help then." Fritha says, "Not really my taste mind you." Fritha says to Arandrowse, "That would be awfully unfair, fair wages are important." Arandrowse says, "Thank of what they will be able to do in the future, once they have mastered their skill." Sesi says, "Well then." Sesi asks Ruea, "Shall we get the fun started?" Fritha says, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interupt. Just let me know when you need me." Sesi says, "Oh you're fine, ma'am." Ruea exclaims to Sesi, "I think so!" Sesi says to Fritha, "I just know we could probably sit here for the whole night talking about your shops." Sesi says, "Which, while enjoyable..." Sesi says, "Defeats the purpose of our pretty sign." Fritha exclaims to Sesi, "I wouldn't want to give it all away, but I hope people will like everything!" Ruea says, "If everyone will sit down and relax for a quick moment, Sesi and I would love to give you a bit of a chat about some rules and guidelines for merchant sessions." Sesi says to Fritha, "I'm not psychic, but I think you won't hafta fret at all." Sesi says, "If you're interested we can provide you with a pretty inclusive list of rare gems. New ones are refined and sold to the public every year so there's always something new to suit your interests." Ruea says, "The same general principles are applicable to rare fabrics. If you can buy it in a normal store that is open and available all day, every day, you won t need to supply it. If not, you ll need to bring some with you." Sesi says, "Fabrics can be purchased in bolts in many cases, or salvaged from another piece and recycled into your current design. You will have to take the size of the fabric into consideration when working with your piece." Powerhaus says to Cyiarriah, "Check the coffee on the tray." Sesi says, "A trim-sized bolt or a firesilk gem pouch won't supply enough material to make an entire gown. Conversely you won't need a cloak or a large bolt to make a thigh quiver." Cyiarriah says, "Oooh." Ruea says, "New fabrics and gemstones have been released every year at the Hollow s Eve fest, but not every fabric is available every year. Starlight velvet, for example, appeared at the first Fest and hasn t been able to be purchased since." Cyiarriah says, "I need to buy... all of that." Sesi exclaims, "The best way to get ahold of a material that isn't being sold in stores anymore is to contact a trader or see if someone has a bolt or item they'd be willing to part with. It'll usually be quite a bit more expensive that way but it s an option!" Cyiarriah says, "Wow." Ruea says, "There are also rare woods, like diamondwood, gloomwood, and dragonwood. These are things that can t be foraged and must be purchased." Sesi says, "Again, we can provide you with a list of those woods that must be bought, as well as one for the fabrics." Ruea exclaims, "With all that in mind we ll now be taking questions, please feel free to join the list if you have any for us or feel free to wait and discuss them with Fritha!" Sesi says, "Also, a note to our newcomers, please take notice of the sign over yonder. And do enjoy the rest of our discussion this evening." Ruea says, "I do have examples of basically everything we discussed in this chat, if you need a few visuals I'll be happy to provide them." Fritha asks, "Is that my cue?" Sesi says, "And feel free to enjoy our lovely bar. Because booze and cake make everything better." Ruea says, "Please give her your attention and respect." Fritha says, "Before I take any questions." Ardwinn says, "And the cake is optional." Sesi says, "Cake is never optional." Fritha says, "I do want to make the weapon bit a little clearer." Arandrowse says to Sesi, "This elven bread is like elven cake, and you didn't pertake." Fritha says, "Due to all the changes in how weapons are being made these days, we cannot take a steel sword and make it a glaes sword. We can only adorn the sword with the glaes or whatever special material you love." Fritha says, "There may be some very special and skilled artists that CAN but the general merchant you meet, like myself, cannot." Fritha says, "I'm also not sure if this counts, but sometimes items do special things. That can be considered 'rare' and will need to be provided as well." Fritha says, "Such as those lovely rings that hide your armor." Fritha says, "However, a word of caution on that. Items can usually only do ONE special thing at a time. So your lovely ring that you fidget with all the time, can't also hide things. If that makes sense." Fritha says, "There are also a few merchants who provide rare materials. The first coming to mind being Garnaal. Who will not take apart his own work. He will only add moonsilver that he provides to new things. But he is the oddity among us." Fritha says, "In more ways than one." Cyiarriah says to Aislynn, "It's really good..." Aislynn quietly says to Cyiarriah, "You'll be needing a merchant just to let out the seams a bit if you stay too long." Fritha says, "And uh, I hate to bring this up. But before we take questions. While the example of a pouch to make a gown is a good one. Firesilk does not need to be provided anymore." Sesi says, "Because firesilk is awesome, obviously." Sesi says to Fritha, "Not that I'd ever suggest you carry some of it in your shop, erm. Shops." Fritha says, "There might be a little, that would be telling." Sesi says, "Did I mention we have booze and cake? Not that I'd ever suggest we get you drunk either, Lady." Fritha says, "I'm not sure if anyone has questions but I'd be happy to answer them." Arandrowse says, "I though..." Ruea exclaims, "Arandrowse did!" Arandrowse says, "Ahh yes." Arandrowse says, "See I did add my name to the list." Fritha asks, "Wonderful. What would you like to know?" Arandrowse says, "Adding pockets to items, and if the item already has special powers, or abilties or what not if that has anything in the matter." Arandrowse says, "Pockets or containers to them..." Ruea asks, "So you want to know about making a magic based item pocketed if it isn't already?" Fritha says, "Pockets do not effect the special nature of an item. If your backpack has pockets and doesn't do anything else special and you want to make it a hider, that is someting we can do." Powerhaus says, "And I guess should bring an example of a simliar sized pocketed item too." Fritha says, "Adding pockets to an item without pockets can be done, but that will depend on the merchant. Some will, some won't. I can sometimes." Fritha says, "Like if you have a lovely gown that makes you feel magically and want to keep trinkets in it. Pockets are an easy add, usually." Anuind says, "I was curious if you could offer some clarification on the grey area of soulstones." Sesi quietly says to Casserah, "I'm just going to duck behind you right now." Fritha says, "Soulstones can only be worked with by someone who is trained. Otherwise they tend to break. For instance, I do know the trick." Anuind says, "I know that the list of alterers willing to work with them is nigh inexistant." Fritha says, "Er, pardon, do NOT know the trick." Aislynn quietly says, "Oh." Sesi says, "And now everyone is sad." Fritha says, "I got everyone excited. Oh dear." Arandrowse says, "Ahh my beaming was too quick." Fritha says, "I'm very sorry." Anuind asks, "However, regarding a non functioning soulstone adornment for example, soulstone chips or dust to an already existing item. Would that be possible?" Arandrowse says, "It is fine Phelim gave it to me himself." Fritha says, "It would depend on the artist of course, but if you provided a soulstone and didn't ask someone like say, Kauko, who might be offended by it, I wouldn't see why not." Anuind says, "I would imagine master Kauko would find that most distateful indeed." Fritha says, "Your best bet might by that whispering fellow." Powerhaus says, "That's what I was thinking." Fritha says, "I hear he can talk some things into amazing feats." Fraestfynger asks, "Sorry I am new here, whispering fellow?" Fritha says, "Oh dear, what is his name." Powerhaus says, "Roleta Yeyaru." Anuind asks, "The Prydaen bloke is it?" Fritha says, "Ah, thank you." Fraestfynger asks, "Ahem, what was that?" Powerhaus says, "Yeyaru." Powerhaus says, "Roleta's a title I guess." Powerhaus says, "Dragon." Anuind says, "Excellent, thank you so much." Powerhaus says, "Not sure if he picked that out or not." Fraestfynger asks Powerhaus, "Yeyaru?" Powerhaus says to Fraestfynger, "Bless you." Sebrahn asks, "I've had some issues in the past with having something worked on that is adjustable and has special qualities. Is this difficult for most artisans?" Powerhaus says, "He seemed to be able to a lot, he'd try it, if he couldn't, he couldn't." Powerhaus says, "Otherwise he would." Powerhaus says, "Item's whisper back, so maybe he's a little crazy." Fritha says, "A lot depends on both the item and the artist. Some items are very tricky to impossible to work with. Some artists do not have the skill or desire to work with certain types. I believe The Witch hates those little color changing gems with a passion for instance." Fraestfynger asks, "Sometimes crazy is great?" Sesi says, "I don't know that 'hate' is a strong enough eomotion." Fritha says, "And sometimes we won't know until we look a bit closer at an item as to if we feel comfortable working on it or can figure out how to change it without breaking it." Arandrowse says, "She does, and has NEVER worked with them." Sesi says, "But it makes for an impressive floor show if you ask." Arandrowse says, "It is absolutely true, never." Sebrahn says, "But warding beads? They're just little beads..." Casserah says, "That's untrue, Arandrowse." Casserah asks, "How do you think she got to hate them?" Fritha says, "I would have to see them." Powerhaus says, "Some things have tricky and complex enchantments." Fritha says, "I fear it is very unlikely you will find someone able to work with those." Arandrowse asks, "Ahhh what do they do of themselves?" Ruea exclaims, "Join the list!" Ruea exclaims, "Orderly fashion!" Sebrahn says to Fritha, "Thank you, Mrs. Fritha." Fritha says to Sebrahn, "I am sorry for the bad news." Ruea exclaims, "And it's my fault!" Ruea exclaims, "Or Turn!" Fraestfynger says, "I don't know if I want to join a list, if it'll be my fault when I it gets to be my turn." Ruea asks, "What is an example of a design you are frequently asked to do but unable to work on?" Aislynn quietly says to Ruea, "Oo, good question." Ruea says, "And please, don't be shy, join the list for questions. Better to learn now than during your actual session." Fritha says, "A lot of people would like me to magic things so they move on their own. I fear that is not something I can do. Nor can most other merchants. I know that tatto artist made moving tattoos, but again, that is a rarity." Sesi asks, "Inky?" Fritha asks, "Was he the one with the magic ink?" Powerhaus asks, "Inky came across more like a drunk to me?" Sesi says, "Maybe! I don't remember exactly, but I think that is who did Marsais kingsnake." Powerhaus says, "I don't even remember the name of the girl who did mine, she normally painted things." Sesi says to Fritha, "I really shouldn't drink my coffee during these events." Anuind asks Powerhaus, "Sure that wasn't Ivinn you're thinking of?" Fritha says, "I don't remember his name, I just remember hearing about him." Ruea exclaims, "Thank you, Fritha!" Kasto says, "Allow me to ask about your friend and mine... Silk. Icesilk to be precise." Kasto says, "I know many have unlocked it's secrets and work on it currently. I had always heard that if you wish to change the color with this stuff, you had to provide a large enough gemstone to do so. Even if it was what some might call a 'common' gemstone." Kasto asks, "Does this still hold true? And, if so, could you explain to us why we would need to provide such a stone?" Fritha says, "Icesilk." Kasto says, "It's that fancy Albarian stuff with the gemstone colors." Powerhaus says, "Turns into water silk when set on fire." Fritha says, "As far as I know, you don't have to provide any common gems for it. Just rare ones." Kasto says, "Wonderful, I've been meaning to get a new shirt." Fritha says, "Keep in mind that clear gems such as diamonds won't work, otherwise you just end up with white silk." Kasto says, "Thank you very much, Master Seamstress." Fritha says, "You're welcome." Fritha asks, "Where there any other questions?" Sesi asks Sebrahn, "Back for more?" Sebrahn asks, "Can I call a bracelet warding beads, if I provide warding beads with a plain bracelet?" Sebrahn says, "Like when you say to provide those other items." Fritha says, "Changing the beads like that would be possible but they would no longer be special as they are now." Fritha exclaims, "You must really adore those beads!" Sebrahn says, "I do." Casserah says, "He gives them out as gifts sometimes." Sesi says, "Let's see..." Sebrahn says, "Yes, they're very special." Veresa says, "I'm not sure if this is really the right week to ask this question." Veresa asks, "But are ritual foci able to be worked on and altered?" Fritha says, "I know there are some merchants who can and do. I have never done it myself." Sesi says, "First time for everything." Fritha says, "Assuming I don't blow myself up trying." Veresa says, "Oh good, I've never heard of someone having one done, and was curious." Fritha says, "I think I heard of one being done recently, but I don't know by who." Sesi says, "I'm sure we can provide triage for you." Fritha asks, "Glue my bits together?" Fritha says, "I'm a bit old for that sort of thing." Kasto says, "I can't remember who did it, but yes. One of my Troupe, Saika, got her hobbyhorse made into what is known as a foci." Sesi says, "I'm sure we can fix you up nearly good as new." Kasto says, "She's special." Veresa says, "Thank you Fritha, I'm sure I'll be able to pester someone into making it pretty." Arandrowse says, "Sorry to be falling asleep as I stand, this elven spiced bread is so rich and fulling, seems to be making me nod off." Sesi exclaims to Kasto, "Quite, it seems. I like her style, though!" Fritha says, "I hope so." Arandrowse says, "Thank you for the meeting, and information." Powerhaus asks, "Huh?" Powerhaus says, "Oh totally forgot my question." Kasto says to Sesi, "She's got her own way. It's pretty wonderful. Odd, but wonderful." Sesi says to Powerhaus, "The coffee'll do that." Fritha says, "We all do that." Sesi says, "If it comes back to you, do sign up again." Cyiarriah says to Sesi, "This is some of the best coffee... ever." Sesi says to Cyiarriah, "I am excessively pleased that you like it." Aislynn quietly asks, "Ma'am, I know the Witch finds these old snake charms too complex to fiddle with. Do you know of any merchants, specifically, who might actually be willing? Or even if anyone at all does?" Fritha says, "To the best of my knowledge, no one does. They are old magic and very touchy." Fritha exclaims, "I am sorry to say!" Aislynn quietly says, "Neh, I'll stop asking for a while. Who, knows, maybe in five or six years..." Fritha says, "Someone might! Just not me." Fritha says, "Or anyone I've heard of." Powerhaus says, "Keep pestering." Powerhaus says, "I've gotten stuff done I've been told no to tons of times." Aislynn quietly says, "People are born every day." Fritha says, "It never hurts to ask." Sesi says, "Politely." Sesi says, "And with cake." Fritha says, "Of course." Fritha says, "The polite anyway. Cake is optional." Powerhaus says, "Make threats too." Sesi says, "Cake is like pants. Never, ever optional." Powerhaus says, "Lots of threats, people are more likely to act if their life is threatened." Anuind asks, "Since we're on the topic of very old and exotic items, what about flying carpets?" Fritha says, "You know, I've never gotten a close look at one." Anuind asks, "I have one in my vault if you'd like to take a glance?" Powerhaus says, "I've seen them done." Fritha says, "If it is close. I can peek at it." Fritha says, "Ah, or the gentleman knows." Powerhaus says, "I'd recommend someone like her." Powerhaus says, "Or the witch though." Powerhaus says, "Same with a broom." Powerhaus says, "They do weird things when you ride them so you don't fall off." Fritha says, "The Witch and I will both do the mechanical birds. Since we are on the topic of interesting items." Sesi says, "Don't be shy! The list won't bite. It might moo, though." Kasto says, "It's probably better I don't have one of those flying carpet things, I could only see myself getting into all sorts of trouble with it." Sesi asks Kasto, "Because you need a carpet for that?" Aislynn quietly says, "What about horses? It's a stretch, I'm sure, and I'd probably be eviscerated if I tried to shove a horse into the Witch's foyer, but..." Kasto says to Sesi, "No. Not really. But I'm sure it would make it easier." Fritha says, "Poor horse." Fritha exclaims, "Goodness, how would you even go about it!" Sebrahn exclaims, "Paint!" Aislynn quietly asks, "Whisper it? That's a thing, yes?" Fritha exclaims, "Pardon me horse while I take you apart recolor you and put you back together!" Sesi says to Kasto, "It would at least add a comical touch." Sesi says, "Poor horse." Fritha says, "As far as I know, no. Live animals are...well." Powerhaus says, "Horse tattooing." Sesi exclaims, "Oh!" Fritha asks, "Not really alterable once...alive?" Kasto says to Sesi, "You find disaster comical? I'll note that." Sesi says, "Didn't he..." Powerhaus says, "Pretty much that." Sesi says, "He mentioned something about not working on living things." Aislynn quietly says, "Figured." Powerhaus says, "It was one of those take a drink when someone asks things at old estate meetings." Sesi says, "Like some gent wanted a chicken on his shield. It, erm, well. I'm sure the chicken was humanely killed but it did end up on the shield." Sesi says, "Eventually." Fritha says, "Poor bird." Kasto says, "I... uhh... I saw that." Sesi says, "But he was really quite happy with the end result." Powerhaus says, "That's kinda funny." Fritha says, "I think the closest anyone comes to 'live' animals is the familiar fellow." Powerhaus says, "Maybe a caravan guy could glue some horns on your donkey too." Powerhaus says, "Marnet..." Fritha asks, "Horn on your horses? Fake unicorns?" Powerhaus says, "Someone had their marnet's tag done." Ruea asks, "Does anyone else have any questions?" Sesi says, "Donkeycorns." Kasto says, "No, like ram horns. That would make them far more fearsome, I think." Ruea says, "I helped Dymond work on her marnet's house and tags I think." Powerhaus says, "That wasn't really like messing with the animal though." Powerhaus exclaims, "Oh!" Powerhaus says, "Okay." Powerhaus says, "That's it." Sesi says to herself, "Maybe I put too much vodka in the coffee this time." Powerhaus says, "This lady mentioned something." Powerhaus says, "Guess she was drunk." Fritha asks, "A lady mentioned...what?" Powerhaus says, "She used to work for you." Aislynn quietly asks, "Oh, that dyer?" Powerhaus asks Cyiarriah, "Cereia?" Fritha says, "Cereia? Oh dear." Kasto says, "Allow me to ask about your friend and mine... furniture." Kasto asks, "I know that some folks travel around and do nothing but work on these things. But, what are my chances of having a regular merchant, like yourself, do some work on something for me?" Kasto asks, "Like... would you, as a Master Seamstress, be able or willing to work on something like a table or desk? Should I even bother to ask?" Fritha says, "I do not work on furniture." Fritha says, "You usually need someone who specialized in that." Kasto says, "Or would it be better to look for one of those folks I mentioned previously." Kasto says, "Ahh, as I thought." Sebrahn says to Kasto, "Good question. I've been curious about that too." Fritha says, "I heard that was a lady at the festival." Kasto says, "There was, she was lovely." Kasto exclaims, "But I have more!" Kasto says, "So much more." Fritha asks, "Perhaps she will turn up at this next one?" Kasto says, "Thank you once again, Master Seamstress." Fritha says, "Of course." Cyiarriah asks, "So, why'd she stop working for you? Did you fire her?" Ruea asks, "Is that all the questions for Mistress Fritha?" Sesi says to herself, "Definitely too much vodka in the mix tonight." Kasto says to Ruea, "Yeah, I think I'm done." Fritha says, "To set things straight. Cereia worked for me briefly. She was a hard worker but she didn't like working for someone else so she left. There was a small contest that she entered against me and lost, I think it made her rather bitter." Cyiarriah says, "Ah.." Fritha asks, "Does that answer your questions about it?" Powerhaus says, "Well she said she'd have a shop at the spider festival." Powerhaus says, "I just had that one." Cyiarriah asks Powerhaus, "Does it?" Fritha says, "I'm glad to hear it. She has a wonderful eye." Powerhaus says, "She had another." Cyiarriah says, "I think it does." Kasto says, "Love the shops, hate the bugs." Fritha exclaims, "Good, it really seems silly to dredge up the ancient past!" Kasto says, "Too many crawlies and nasties." Ruea says, "Fritha, thank you so much for your time this evening." Kasto says, "And everywhere I turn, someone is throwing candy at me." Ruea says, "I know you have to get back to work but we can't thank you enough." Ruea exclaims, "Have a wonderful evening!" Fritha says, "Thank you both for inviting me. I hope I answered everyone's questions." Aislynn quietly says to Kasto, "You do need to gain some weight." Powerhaus says, "Always a pleasure to see you." Powerhaus says, "Thanks for the lecture." Kasto laughingly asks Aislynn, "Do I now? Maybe more ale and less schnapps?" Fritha says, "You all have a wonderful time." Sebrahn says, "Thank you, mam."

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