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Re: Theurgy Learning · on 12/23/2016 03:43 AM EST 1712
Thanks everyone.

It does look like the common complaint is the experience timer. The original intent behind it was to encourage people to use different communes, rather than to limit experience -- which, as you all note, is done by devotion itself. We can reconsider the timer. That said... I don't know if this was ever communicated, but commune experience is directly proportional to the devotion spent. Regardless of skill level, the Meraud commune isn't more efficient than the others; it's just bigger. If you've been avoiding the other communes so as not to waste experience, you shouldn't!

>>(unless dark incense is really good; I haven't figured out how to make it yet)

It's been long enough that we can disclose this. You hold it in your bleeding hand during the Blood Offering ritual.

>>Yes very eager to find out what sort of grey areas of religion we can fiddle with.

>prep all You muddle through the incongruity that is the [censored] spell, vaguely alarmed by a hole in the pattern.

GM Grejuva

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