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Optimizing Your Magic Experience · on 12/13/2013 04:51 PM EST 121
I wanted to post some notes on how to best optimize your magic experience when you engage with the magic system. I'll sticky this and add anything else that comes up in discussions.

All Magic Skills:

- Wait for a full prep. You get a bonus to experience for a full prep, and a penalty for snap-casting.
- Use more mana. The more mana you use, the more experience you get.
- Mastery Feats are your friend. They increase the amount of mana you can put into a spell but don't increase your raw skill, thereby letting you cast above your featless personal cap. You get more experience for more mana.
- Magic skill buffs are your friend too. Specific skill buffs are the most advantageous for the same reasons the feats are good, but even a PM buff can help.
- Debuffs do not make you learn better, they just make you worse at casting spells. You can't hinder yourself to learn more (no using a pike to skin a goblin).

Augmentation, Utility, and Warding:

- Cast spells close to your personal cap on the spell.
- You don't gain a bonus for casting on others.


- When you APPRAISE a creature, fight things that are easier than 'a harmless opponent'. Harmless is where the experience really starts to drop off.
- More mana will get you more experience and better hits / higher success rates.
- Better hits will get you more experience too (just like a weapon).
- Stancing your attack stance down will not increase your experience.


- Treat your Debil ranks like TM ranks when determining what to cast it on.


- Train other skills well and you'll train PM well.


- Using harnessed mana is the best way to train your attunement.


- Using Cambrinth is the best way to train Arcana during normal spellcasting.

This message was originally posted in Dragon Realms 3.1 Test \ Magic, by DR-SOCHARIS on the forums.