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New and Rare at Duskruin: Bloodforge! · on 03/23/2018 05:19 1562
These new rare materials are premiering at (but not exclusive to) Duskruin: Bloodforge. All are required to be provided for alterations.


Made from a process where phofe flowers are crushed into a special resin that is then used to soak more common fibers, dreamweave is a rare fabric that is amazingly supple and has a soft, luxurious hand, while still managing to be quite resistant to wear. It is naturally deep purple in hue like its namesake flower, but can be bleached and dyed to any color desired. Regardless of its color, dreamweave can always be identified by a subtle whorled appearance to its surface that is emphasized by slight variations in sheen. This ethereal patterning is not uniform, ensuring that no two pieces of dreamweave are ever truly alike.


Avia is a merelew fabric crafted from sea plants. Lifesculpting is known to be involved in the process of its creation, allowing for even normally small sea plants to be used to create swathes of fabric large enough to make a ballgown out of one single piece. The color of avia varies depending on the type of aquatic plant life used in its creation, but is most typically found in various greens, blues, reds, browns, and blacks. All avia has the same characteristic watery sheen to it, however, making it appear to be damp at all times, even when it is dry.


Meaning bloodletter in Gamgweth, this is a sleek, sinuous fabric with a soft sheen that has remarkable resistance to any staining. As such, it’s also very difficult and expensive to dye, and hard to come by in general. Kirmiko is found only in pale colors due to its resistance to dying, and can not take a deep, rich, or dark tone regardless of the skill of the craftsman or the potency of the dye.


Named after Crossing Barbarian Guildleader Agonar, this rare metal only exists in crafted form as it is an alloy. It is a dark ebon-hued metal with flame-like fingers of steely grey visible throughout. Correct capitalization is 'agonite', all lower case.


A strange metal, ka’hurst is shadow black with a strikingly green sheen that nevertheless somehow manages to reflect any light that hits it in a way that can only be seen less than a few inches out from anything made from it. Rumors about its origins abound, but its rarity is such that no current sources of it in raw form are widely known, or at least anyone who does know isn’t talking. Correct capitalization is 'ka'hurst', all lower case.


This gem is actually semi-opaque, fossilized vela’tohr nectar, and is naturally created in a similar fashion to amber. Zoetia often has small insects, bits of plant matter, and/or bubbles trapped within it, giving each piece a unique look. Comes in shades of pink, blue, purple, and red. Plural form is ‘some zoetaen’ or ‘several pieces of zoetia’. Singular form is ‘a zoetia’ or ‘a piece of zoetia’.

Syrin’s heart

A dark, transparent stone that, when faceted, flickers with brilliant silver and blue in the light. The correct capitalization is ‘Syrin’s heart’, with a capital just on the first S.

Rikar crystal

Usually mined to preserve the delicate, clustered slender spires of stone and left in their natural shapes, the rare rikar crystals are sought after by Bards and others enamored with song due to the unique properties that caves filled with their growth have been known to exhibit: The amplification and exhalation of any vocal performance played within them. This acoustic ability (some say magic) is not present in the crystals once harvested, but their symbolism is still very sought after, as is their lovely green coloration. Common descriptions: a spiky cluster of rikar crystals, some delicate rikar crystal spires, a slender rikar crystal


A rare and innately magical tree, lirisan is named after Saint Lirisa of the Ranger’s Guild. Completely unable to be harvested by any known mundane means (all attempts simply fail via a series of ‘coincidental accidents’, with the loggers often injuring themselves if they persist in trying), lirisan has to date only been able to be harvested if a Ranger with a particularly deep connection to nature Beseeches the tree, and the tree chooses to answer by providing the requested gift of wood. Thought to be sentient, and to perhaps even house a portion of the spirit of the Saint by some, lirisan is prized for both bow and amulet making, but its eye catching verdant-hued wood makes it attractive to many for purely decorative purposes as well. The correct capitalization is ‘lirisian’, all in lower case.

Aesetani applewood

Named after the patron saint of Zoluren, the Aesetani apple tree is tall and hardy, with particularly dense wood known for its grey-tinged hue. The fruit of the Aesetani apple tree is stout and near-round in shape, with a deep sanguine color to its skin and a bright, crisp taste. When Aesetani apple trees bloom, their blossoms are equally broad and rounded, with green centers and pale pink-edged petals. The correct capitalization is ‘Aesetani applewood’, with a capital just on the first A.


This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players/Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-PERSIDA on the forums.