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re: [New Release] Racial Titles! · on 03/11/2015 07:37 PM CDT 6986
>>Is the 'Chionophile' requirement for the 'Inspired of Lanival' title, just a type-o?

A typo. I was fixing some weird uppercase issues and I guess that title decided to migrate north. Google sheets is weird.

>>Any chance Grayroot could be added to the Halfling age titles? That's what I have for my age description at 74 years old.

Once I get it reviewed and approved. We must have missed it.

>>The lizard titles that require necro (or thief), are they just as bad as wearing a necro title in town, or are the masses not educated enough to translate Mur?

If they appear under Guild, then they carry all the implications as any other title in that section.

>>Thank you for being so open in your discussion! And again thank you for all the work put in to these titles! It's great to see so many more options for people to use in their RP.

No problem. I think Persida is going to post a response in a few here.

Also, Rakash Katamba titles are now fixed. (I accidentally made them super super hard to get.)
Log in title loss now fixed. Thank you to Zadraes for help with this!

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