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Marshal to Therengia · on 2/14/2009 12:36:47 AM 7072
Marshal of Therengia Amlach just arrived.

Tiso says, "Sastiam, Marshal." Tiso says, "We was just discussing this company." A Therengian Captain snaps to attention and salutes smartly. Amlach asks, "Yes?" Tiso gestures at the Therengian company. Amlach says, "My personal troops." Darkhellegur says, "We were informed of their arrival, sir, the wiseman was just curious of their purpose." Amlach says, "There is a squad or two in town and a unit in the keep courtyard." Amlach asks, "Purpose?" Amlach says, "To show we are vigilant." Tiso asks, "Expecting troubles?" Amlach asks, "Aren't we always?" Tiso says, "I can asks the King to sends down a unit as well." Tiso grins at Amlach. Amlach says, "I think we have it handled." Tiso says, "Ye knows the offer be there if the Baron ever is in need." Tiso nods to Amlach. Amlach says, "Yes and I suppose that's what makes people nervous." Amlach chuckles. Tiso chuckles. Tiso says, "Be sad somewhat though." Tiso gives a slight nod. Amlach shrugs. Amlach says, "I'm just a soldier." Tiso asks Amlach, "Will ye be going with the Baron on these talks?" Amlach says, "I am not sure who he is taking but there has been some discussion." Tiso nods to Amlach. Amlach says, "Lord Trigomas and Lord Ananthor perhaps." Amlach says, "And Lord Weyato." Amlach says, "The most powerful houses." Solvar nods. Amlach says, "I think the Baron intends to show we are not to be trifled with." Tiso asks, "Has word come from the Prince yet on the marriage?" Amlach says, "He is silent." Tiso nods to Amlach. Amlach says, "But he remembers who he owes his life to I wager." Tiso nods in agreement. Tiso says, "Zu doubts, Marshal." Amlach asks, "What can someone tell me about this business in Crossing of killing helpless prisoners?" Tiso says, "I can sees him remaining as neutral for as long as possible." Tiso blinks. Solvar asks, "that related to the Zurato person?" Amlach asks, "I understand the so called Flying Company was involved?" Draeya gets a black silk armband embroidered with the symbol of the Sewer Rat Gang from inside her duffel bag. Draeya offers Solvar a black silk armband embroidered with the symbol of the Sewer Rat Gang. Solvar says, "Ah, then yes. They were reported as assisting Zurato and the sewer rat gang." Solvar accepts Draeya's silk armband. Tiso asks Solvar, "They helped them?" Solvar says, "That was the report I received." Amlach says, "Not what I heard exactly." Solvar shows Amlach his silk armband. Solvar says, "Draeya mentioned this was being handed out at the time as well." Solvar nods to Draeya. Amlach says, "I heard they captured one of the gang , a boy and killed him until his father surrendered." Tiso gawks at Amlach. Tiso asks, "They killed a boy!?" Amlach says, "Young man at the very least." Tiso frowns. Amlach says, "Matters not the age or gender, what matters is killing helpless prisoners." Draeya says, "that was handed to me today in Lang" Amlach asks, "You see the irony?" Gwenddolyn says, "I heard he was run out of Zoluren" Gwenddolyn asks, "perhaps he has come to Theren?" Draeya says, "I hope he has not been run up here" Amlach says, "I have heard Flying Company is contracted to Shard." Tiso asks, "I did hears that Sebast...what ever her name was did negotiate the release of Zurato. His that the killing ye spoke of?" Solvar says, "I'd heard that, but nothing official, just that they reside in Ilithi." Amlach says, "If they accept the services of someone who kills helpless prisoners how are they any different than , pardon me for saying so, outcasts." Draeya says, "Gybrush is the one who gave me the armband, he was handing them out at the Bin in Lang" Amlach says, "No this was the leaders son." Amlach says, "Captured and killed the boy until Zurato gave up." Tiso says, "And they calls us barbaric." Amlach nods. Amlach says, "I shall like to see if the Ferdahl keeps the company in service." Amlach says, "As I am sure the Baron will." Solvar says, "They have also welcomed Xelten into good graces" Solvar says, "They're not making much effort to inspire good will." Tiso says to Amlach, "They are what they yell so loudly about. I recalls a saying. Something a stone and a glass house." Gwenddolyn says, "I did nae know xelten had any grace" Amlach says, "As I say I am just a soldier." Amlach says, "But it seems to me they have little room to talk about bad faith and bad choices." Tiso says, "Hai, and the Outcasts didn't takes payment. As they do." Solvar says, "True, we are all soldiers here, but its good to hear the thoughts of the Marshal I must say." Amlach says, "And oh yes they also seem to forget very quickly the baron dying for that city more than once." Gwenddolyn says, "they forget quickly" Amlach asks, "You want my real opinion?" Solvar says, "Aye, sir. If you feel inclined to share" Amlach says, "For all that went on I find Raenilar honorable and here is why." Amlach says, "He has a code and he had a mission." Amlach says, "And although it was harsh." Amlach says, "He stuck to it." Amlach says, "When he withdrew he left the city intact instead of ashes." Amlach says, "In his own way he is most upright." Solvar says, "Aye, I respect him settling for the blood debt, instead of revenge, really. There is that." Amlach says, "It seems to me everyone else in this bends with the wind." Amlach says, "Except the Baron who takes stance and then is not forced from it." Gwenddolyn says, "having been in service to him and his father for close to 40 years, that has never changed" Amlach says, "But I find Raenilar to be more moral in many ways than some so called leaders." Amlach shrugs. Tiso says, "I hopes all these points be brought to light at the meeting." Amlach says, "Now I have had my say." Gwenddolyn says, "it rings very true marshal" Amlach says, "Harsh but moral." Solvar says, "I can't say being unwaivering is always good, but our lord and the King have shown the good reasoning needed to maintain that stance." Gwenddolyn says, "the south changes like the wind" Amlach says, "The Baron is a man of morals too, he spent much time repenting for his threats he made during the war." Amlach says, "And that is partly why he has the alliance today." Tiso says to Amlach, "I thinks that was the only thing the Baron did that upsets me during the war." Amlach says, "He was young." Amlach says, "But the fact he has tried to make up for it since is very telling." Amlach asks, "My other thought?" Amlach says, "Ilithi is weaker than we are we can afford a break then can not." Solvar says, "I would agree to that, though I admit it may be a matter of pride." Gwenddolyn says, "and they've lost their opportunity to gain from this" Amlach says, "I don't think the Baron would hand them the crown jewels over this...they would only gain so much." Tiso says, "I would to gets to that point." Amlach says, "I think it will be there in the end Tiso." Amlach says, "The world is changing." Amlach says, "It's time the Baron shows his power." Amlach points at the Therengian company. Amlach says, "That is just a fraction of what we have." Tiso says, "The Queen might even come down off her mountain." Solvar says, "Aye, to the same note, its that he's fair about the use of his power that he has our respect, rather than lashing out at the situation." Gwenddolyn says, "the King hopes she does" Solvar says, "Can't say the regulars havn't been appreciated though." Darkhellegur says, 'as a soldier, i fight the wars i'm ordered to, but also as a soldier, we fight to protect peace, i do hope war can be avoided..." Amlach says, "That old woman and her brood ..." Amlach says, "The Baron is not likely to declare war over this but he isnt going to be moved either." Amlach says, "He loves her and he has given his word." Amlach says, "The end." Amlach says, "Ahh well I have probably talked to much and to loud." Tiso says, "if it comes to that...We will stands by the Baron." Amlach chuckles. Amlach asks, "But as a soldier I can get away with some things eh?" Amlach says, "And keep in mind I support the Baron and I fought to lift the occupation of Riverhaven during the war." Solvar says, "No loyalty in question that I can see, we all come from different perspectives." Solvar says, "but we all serve as well." Amlach says, "We shall see how this turns out but my guess is no alliance and a royal wedding." Amlach nods. Amlach asks, "You hear anything of the Zurato person being about , kill him and drag him to the border eh?" Amlach says, "But no killing helpless prisoners." Amlach says, "We leave that to mercs with no honor." Solvar says, "There are mercenaries with honor, sir. Those people are just thugs." Court Advisor Wyndz came through a town gate. Amlach says, "Look who's here, just in time to miss my rant." Wyndz gets an impish expression on her face, and lets out a hearty cheer. Wyndz exclaims, "Go me!" Wyndz beams! Gwenddolyn says to Wyndz, "it was a good rant" Wyndz says to Amlach, "My apologies, I mean." Amlach says, "Just a soldiers thoughts." Amlach chuckles. Amlach points at the Therengian company. Amlach says, "Let's see..."

Amlach confers with a Therengian Captain for a moment. A Therengian Captain salutes Amlach. A squad of soldiers, marching in perfection formation, splits apart from the Therengian company! The Therengian company, now without the unit that just left, reconfigures into a unit. Amlach confers with a Therengian Sergeant for a moment. A Therengian Sergeant salutes Amlach. The Therengian squad merges with the Therengian unit, melding their formations to form a stronger unit. The Therengian unit, bolstered by its new soldiers, reconfigures into a company.

Wyndz flashes a wide grin. Wyndz nods approvingly at Amlach. Wyndz says, "So good to see them in formation" Gwenddolyn says, "they are a fine team" Amlach says, "And a mere drop in the bucket of what we can call on if need be." Gwenddolyn says, "I so enjoy the Baronial Guardsmen wandering the town" Amlach says, "Captain Ceanatis is behind that." Gwenddolyn says, "I have noticed a considerable improvement" Wyndz gazes at the Therengian company. Amlach says, "I have to see a serving wench about some lunch..." Wyndz stares blankly into the distance. Tiso asks Amlach, "Need help with that?" Amlach raises his hand in a quick salute. Amlach says, "No indeed." Marshal of Therengia Amlach went through a town gate.

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