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Magic Quality-of-Life Updates · on 6/14/2019 07:11 1660
Cyclic Spells:
  • Harnessed mana will no longer contribute to cyclics if the Raw Channeling feat is known
  • There is a new toggle option for those who keep accidentally releasing their active cyclic. (TOGGLE RELEASE)


  • Charging a cambrinth item will no longer clear its previously specified Invoke] amount.
  • There is a new command for focusing on all of your worn/held cambrinth at once. (FOCUS CAMBRINTH)

Lastly, a bug fix: Non-magic-users can no longer focus on selfcasting devices. Activation of such devices should be unaffected.

Live in all instances.

This message was originally posted in Discussions with DragonRealms Staff and Players/Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-GREJUVA on the play.net forums.