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Re: Looking for Ideas · on 12/19/2011 02:42 PM CST 1246
>>The joke used to be that Barbarians don't believe in magic.

>>Although the lore actually sort of supports that idea.

Thoughts affect the brain. In real life we do not understand the mechanism of action for this, but we have endless reels of examples. Your choice in how to take up the world psychologically can have a drastic affect on how your body functions, up to and including psychogenic death (literally, thinking yourself to death with no external cause).

Mortal magic in DR is grounded in patterns of thought and brain adaptivity. At the crudest level, you do magic by thinking about it hard enough. It's... not the same as Barbarians not being able to believe in magic, but it is a murky realm where there are no sharp categorical differences between studying to understand magic and training to become a magician. You'll never get there for game play reasons, and spontaneous Attunements are very rare in the setting, but all the same it's a step down the road to using magic.


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