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Re: Leather and Bone or LC · on 8/6/2009 11:01:19 AM 19537
>With the addition of this Bone armor and me being a thief as my profession I have a question. Should I train Leather only because I'm thief? I don't know much about how much hinderence I can train off, or if it is the maneuver hinderence or the stealth hindrence. Or should I train Leather and Light Chain, or should I train Leather and Bone? Or hell, go for all Bone? Any ideas? I don't know if thieves can train down bone, and if so to what levels? And like I said, is that the manuever or stealth hinderence? Can Anyone help with my butt-load of questions? I been away for 5 years, that's why I have so many. Thanks!

Well, for starters, stealth hindrance has been separated from maneuvering hindrance. They are no longer related at all.

The stealth hindrance scale is the following, from lowest to highest:

Light Chain
Heavy Chain
Light Plate
Heavy Plate

- Training down the stealth hindrance (the hiding/stalking penalty you receive from your armor) is done via armor ranks. Thieves, Rangers, Necromancers, and Paladins are able to train down stealth hindrance further than any other guild. - Stealth hindrance is based purely off the type of armor (leather, lc, hp, etc) and the areas of the body the armor covers. This means that a set of wolf clan leathers has the same stealth hindrance as a set of perfect firecats. Some Stone Clan heavy plate has the same stealth hindrance as some forged field plate.

- Training down the maneuvering hindrance (the evasion penalty you receive from your armor) is also done via armor ranks. There are(were?) changes to the levels each guild is able to train down their respective maneuvering hindrances. - Maneuvering hindrance is determined by the base hindrance of the piece of armor (viewable by appraising it) modified by your ranks in that particular armor, and further modified by whatever armor mixing penalty you're receiving. - There is no armor mixing penalty for mixing armors within one group. The groups are Leather and Cloth, Light Chain and Heavy Chain, Light Plate and Heavy Plate, and Bone. For example, if you were to wear a leather coat, leather cowl, cloth pants, and cloth gloves, you would receive no mixing penalty because leather and clot are in the same armor group.

- Shield has a maneuvering and a stealth hindrance. The stealth hindrance is based off the size of the shield, with small shields giving the lowest stealth hindrance. Similar to armor, the maneuvering hindrance of the shield is based off the base hindrance of the shield.

If you have any other questions, or need help with anything, feel free to shoot an email to address, or IM me at ******.

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