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Hunting Area Updates - 1 · on 07/11/2019 17:51 458
Hi folks.

In what will hopefully be a series of updates and releases in the coming days/weeks(/likely months), the first high level hunting area updates are ready. This isn't grand or flashy, and it's just a starting point because they were quick and easy updates to make and get QC'd. If it's not an area you can use (too high or low), don't fret! Plenty more that we're looking at as time allows.

THAT said...

Telga orek around Wyvern Mountain in Shard have had their spawn bumped and the chance to spawn with you considerably increased. There still may be some wandering needed if you're in there alone, but overall it should be a better experience for those in the ~150 creature level range. No changes to their skills/stats otherwise.

Bone Wyverns had their damage reduction set way, way high, making it difficult to land meaningful hits on them. This has been brought more in line with other wyverns in the area, a bit shy of half of what it was before. Spawn rate, amount, and chance to spawn where you are rather than roaming were all increased as well. No other changes to their skills/stats/special attack at this time. They remain ~195 creature level.

These updates are live everywhere now.

There are several other areas/creatures being updated. They'll take longer because of the need for script updates and their QCs, but I didn't want to hold these two up in the meantime. More to come!


This message was originally posted in DragonRealms/Creatures of Elanthia/Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-ZADRAES on the play.net forums.

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