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Fight the Janitor! New Lost And Found! · on 07/03/2015 04:24 AM 1115
Greetings, folks.

Let's start with a little background. First -- there are multiple "janitor" systems. Some of them are within our control (the guy you see running through hunting areas, for example), and some aren't (leaving an item and moving away for just a second, but it's already gone when you get back). For the past several months, the versions that we CAN interact with have secretly been trying to collect lost bonded and registered items and stashing them away instead of outright deleting them.

For what reason? I'm glad you asked! As of about 10 minutes ago, the Lost and Found bin at the payment desk in the Crossing Carousel (vaults) has been updated to allow you to OPEN it and search for items the new, kinder janitor has been saving! No fees or hoops, just OPEN the bin, and if anything of yours was recovered, it will return it. Again -- please note the above and reference the in-game NEWS items on item replacement policies (5 4) and the janitor (5 5) -- we cannot guarantee your items were (or will be in the future) saved. But IF they were, you now have a means to retrieve them. A shot in the dark is better than no chance at all.

This should also be further incentive to register items that you care about. It's 10 seconds of your time for a considerable amount of peace of mind (but not a guarantee) down the line in case something unexpected happens. Don't forget that you can use REGISTER CHECK to see registered items on your character. Please check Elanthipedia for registration offices and more info on the system:

Note that the system isn't psychic -- if you bought an item that was registered to someone else, we cannot help you. When buying items, please try to register it -- if it belongs to someone else, go back to the seller and try to get it unregistered. Please don't assist asking us to unregister something for you; the mechanics exist to allow players to sort this out in the vast majority of cases.

NEWS 2 29 has been released to cover information in-game, as well as providing additional reading on the janitor, replacement policies and item registration. If you have any questions, please post in the Lost And Found topic of the Surviving in DragonRealms - Elanthia area of the forums.

Good luck! This is live everywhere, though Platinum and The Fallen do not have any items to be recovered at this time. In Prime, there are 93 reclaims that can be made covering 144 total items (counting scrolls in cases, quest items in cloaks, etc).

SGM Zadraes
Premium Lead
Trader Guild Advocate

This message was originally posted in Surviving in DragonRealms - Elanthia / Lost And Found, by DR-ZADRAES on the forums.