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Re: Breakage · on 09/02/2012 03:02 AM CDT 838
>>Is it not possible to have both Quick + Break, and Slow + Permanent in the new crafting? Based off of the materials used to create it, or the 'type' of item it creates?

New tools have a quality factor based on their construction which controls how fast they "wear down" but ultimately either tools break or they don't.

>>Are variable bond/break rates out of the question? Slow bond / Medium - high random break chance for store bought (variable by cost). Player made: Medium to fast bond, Medium - low break chance based on crafter skill. For treasure/quest: Fast bond, very low break chance. In all cases, astrology skill reduces break chance. With enough skill, treasure/quest will never break. Likewise with bonding. Random chance to get a bonus bond point based on astro skill pool size.

More or less the same answer. Some of what you're thinking there is similar to how I have I have it working in development right now, but in the end, either tools break or they don't.

>>Also the possiblity of getting them "altered" for a specific look, in addition to being able to craft them.

I'm not sure what you're asking for here that isn't possible now.

>>I vote slow bond + permanent breakage.

Remember Caraamon, Barbarians aren't people. And you have to be a people to get a vote.

>>As an aside, it wouldn't hurt to have them require repairing, even if breaking isn't forever.

The current (new) design tools do take damage over time and this will effectively "Cap" them, but they won't straight up break, goodbye, no more item. Which makes me leery of adding repairs at this time, but it's something I have in mind for the future once we have the system somewhat more balanced and crafting is more intertwined.

>>Everything Bisclavret said about crafting.

Potentially possible.

>>Not this. I feel we already have this mechanic, vis a vis the current observe/predict mechanics.

Except we don't really. There's a LOT of bad information out there about how prediction works, and bonding works, and... well a lot of things, but that's mostly because the system provides basically no feedback and is very hard to actually manipulate.

Here's how current bonding works:

If you crit every physical bond factor goes up by 2.

If you fumble the reverse happens. (Except Bones. Bones are weird.)

1 in 101 chance of either happening.

Outside of that every time you do a prediction there's a random chance the tool tries to bond (This rate depends on the type of tool).

Assuming we've decided we're going to bond we produce a number following this formula:

If correct sect +1, else -1 (HH = 0).

If charisma > stat average +1, else -1 (if equal 0). This is why I've said things like "Training strength can make it less likely your tools bond".

If scholar > "lore average" (Defined as scholar + teaching + app + music + mech + astro -- yes, musical theory, it was never updated, so this is a really easy one to get) +1, else -1 (if equal 0). And this is why I've said "Training your mech lore can reduce your chance to bond etc."

If astro > "lore average" blah blah same thing.

If AUS +2

If seer's sense +2

The cap is +4.

After that a random number is generated which controls if the bonding is good, bad or doesn't actually happen after all. So you end up with something like a 25 to 75% chance of the bond being good or bad, then it picks one of the 7 random factors and adjusts it by +1 or -1.

This is why the "bonds" on tools move very little, even under ideal circumstances, but you can use a streak of crits to move the physical qualities quite a bit. But of course fumbles and crits are just pure luck, so you're just as likely to have a series of fumbles that totally tank your tool.

Yes I'm telling you this because I've wanted to for a long time and I'm not worried about people trying to game a system that is nearly impossible to game that is also going away very shortly.

More details about how new bonding will work later -- but suffice it to say most of the above? NOT how it will work.


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