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Re: Beezell and The Shadowed Alcove Part VI · on 11/12/2015 10:21 PM CST 4410
>>What exactly did players do that caused it to end?

I'm not going to post a LOT of information, because some of the story is still undiscovered and ongoing, but here's the run downs of how the events went.

In DRX, there was far more interest in ACTIVELY getting Beezell and his alcove shut down. Every thing from running around in hunting groups, to trying to involve the Songsworn and Society masters, due to a kidnapping and maiming. As the event came to a head, a large group was chatting with Rext, making accusations and demands, and then the "shadow helpers" came along and threatened people.

Rext was kidnapped and murdered after an Assistant Inspector was named. The new inspector, a player named Aevarn, brought a group to the alcove, where the event could have taken three different turns. Player response didn't lead to two of them, so players got lured further in and into a more dangerous situation. In the end, they found a way to "break" Beezell, which caused his employer to react. Then, Rext reappeared and lead the crew of players out of the alcove and they left without him.

In DR, the event progressed much much more quickly and I tried to slow it down so it would last about as long as it did in DRX. Things started off with a LOT of attention being given to the alcove, a lot of reports that caused the alcove to close and move several times. As a few people began getting work done and forming alliances with Beezell, more false reports started to protect the alcove, but some of the people that were maimed began to escalate, so Beezell escalated with "the harvest."

Of course, a bunch of near-dead mutilated people and a bunch of dead inspectors are going to attract some attention, and self dubbed "Team Holy" started making plans. When one of their own was kidnapped, they posse'd up and went Beezell hunting. One of their members also managed to "break" Beezell, and was offered the opportunity to run away, but he didn't, so the bad things (tm) happened. At this point, Team Holy was raising a really really loud fuss, so Beezell's employer responded, they all died, but now there was way way too much interest and a hoard of dead bodies. In the end, the alcove closed and Rext mysteriously disappeared, but no one is quite sure when or how, because no one was there to observe it in Prime.


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