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Re: Background · on 10/05/2013 12:32 AM CDT 721
There are three known obelisks*, though only one remains standing. Two were destroyed in relatively recent history, including the one in Ker'Leor and the other in Lost Crossing. I'll leave the backstory on how that happened to Elanthipedia and other players (Again, see Mirror Wraith Prophecy). The last is on Taisgath.

The obelisk on Taisgath is actually what the island is named for. It is an ancient artifact of immense and poorly understood power, predating all known lunar magic. Most do not realize that the Taisgath obelisk is actually immense, extending deep under the island. It is also the site at which Tezirah was able to return to the Plane of Abiding.

What is abundantly clear is that the obelisk is directly tied to the Plane of Probability and in turn the prophetic talent of all Moon Mages. The exact nature of this relationship is not particularly well understood, though it has been exploited in the past (The Children of Kalestraum used it to sever all prophecy for a while and before Tezirah's release Taramaine believed he was partaking in a ritual that would have brought about the end of prophecy for the greater good.) It is a fairly well supported hypothesis that the destruction of the last obelisk would mean the end of the Moon Mage Guild as we know it. While lunar magic would, presumably, survive, most signature Moon Mage abilities would not - prophecy and stable teleportation.

It is also theorized that there was once a forth obelisk, but it has never been found and may well have been destroyed when Grazhir shattered (It is widely assumed that the obelisks predate Grazhir's destruction).

*For the sake of the discussion we're discounting the smaller one in the Dragonspine Mountains. It’s a rather different matter though its history is intimately tied to the others.


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